Ladies, Gentlemen, and the young sir who seems to take offence to my profession, dishonourable as it may be.

While it's not normally my business to interfere with your fanciful games... I could be persuaded to know where that flag is, as - if I'm not mistaken - Doppelgangers and company still do not have the faintest idea.

What say you? I'll even throw this lovely rock in for you.
I'm not going to allow for mutiny on this ship team, but seeing as how I am not wise in the ways of this thing you call a 'jet pack', Misters Hitachiin, you may draw up the plans for it.

I'll be collecting provisions from the galley.
And so our monkey problem is solved. For a day at least if things are still working the same. Or a few hours.

Really Stephen, which cabin was it you were staying in?

Cookboy! I have your skillet, do you have that pretty finders fee I may have mentioned? For a small protection levy I might even just find it in my way to help you with your current problems, savvy?
I am going to be eating some monkeys tonight.


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