This is a rather sordid affair if I must admit to my current situation. Oh, but why am I being so stuffy? I have no idea where I am. I haven't seen head or tail or claw or horn or---or appendage of my companions. I'm not even quite sure of what this device is, but by pushing buttons I've somehow figured out how to write in a journal that I can fix without writing over in ink. It's peculiar. Still, strange journal box or no, I must find my allies once again and continue onward with them. Disaster could befall them at any moment without my blades and arrows there to defend them!

I'm also hungry and cold, but why am I writing that here? Oh woe! Will the warrior who fights for justice end up defeated simply by being lost? Hopefully not---

I hope the locals don't eat me. That would be terrible! Not as terrible as being vaporized, but still...
Why am I so bad at this? I can do anything I put my mind to but Kaoru's too quick! And he keeps tricking me! I'm such an IDIOT. GRRR I'm so mad!! Little captain... do you think you could teach me how to aim? I only have one more day and I want to get him at LEAST once!!
I've learned that Mugetsu is very good at alerting me when someone is nearby, especially when it is Gin. I think Mugetsu is harboring some hate for you, Gin. AND SO WHAT IF I AM CHEATING? I LIKE NOT BEING PASSED OUT IN LESS THAN SAFE PLACES. Which is where people like to hit me for some reason I woke up this morning surrounded by monkeys. By the way, they hit me with this stuffed thing while I was trying to get away. I think it might be yours Ryuuichi. It doesn't entirely resemble your bunny anymore though... I'll try to sew his arm back on and find him a new eye when it is safe venture toward the shop keeper.

Also, Kurapika, you shouldn't have much to worry about in the bathroom anymore. Unless he found another similar spider around here, Mugetsu ate it. ^_^;

[Edited at 10:50am] Damnit journal! Don't tell people where I am all of a sudden!
Ichimaru you think you've won but I'll have you know I have all kinds of pudding and gravy still and I know how to use it! It's only been an hour and a half, I could go all night! My fort's much better too! HAHAH and ICE CREAM! MELTED ICE CREAM
Ichimaru! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! You're lucky I got out far enough so I didn't DROWN! I almost kicked you all the way in on my way out! You're looking tiny and you're still asleep! HAHA WHATEVER YOU DID TO ME I GOT YOU BACK!
The last few days have been... frustrating. I spent more time than I would have liked glued to the chair I was suppose to be working on. WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU LITTLE BON-BON, I'M GOING TO SHOVE YOU IN THE DRESSER AND LOCK IT! We had been doing so well, too. I thought we were getting along.. but Kronos obviously has worse temper issues than I originally thought. When I accidentally tripped over him he decided to glue my pant leg to our chair. You do realize that in my attempt to free myself I had no choice but to destroy half of the chair? Now we have to fix it.

Oddly, I've been feeling a little lethargic... I wonder if Dolly-san's scary friend is around... or maybe Chacha fed me something bad again. She did offer me some of her dinner the other night when Kronos dumped my meal over my head in revenge for tying him up. It is a little weird to see Chacha.... as she ...he?... oh never mind. At least I missed out on all the horror that apparently occurred... I guess being glued to a chair had its advantages.

Also, Ryuuichi, while it is flattering you decided to paint my cabin as well... might you refrain from including me in everything you and Kenshin do? He's kind of clung onto you like a safety net it seems, Kenshin... maybe you could give him to Gin for babysitting? At least anything he puts in that mans mind you won't have to worry too much about. He's not an impressionable six year old, after all. Even if he acts like one.
I am sure some of you are aware that I have been acting out of sorts for the past couple of days.  I mentally backtracked, and found that the time that I was… mentally incapacitated… began when I put on that tunic.  I wasn’t aware that this so-called princess is capable of such deviousness.  It was a misstep to trust in appearances.  That PUU-pity PUU-ping piece of PUU shall pay! 

It is difficult to type with these paws.  What kind of sorcery is this?

Oh, and Kyoko, Gin, Nanami—your days are numbered!  Do not think you can tie me up, humiliate me in such a fashion, and go unscathed!

And the rest of you!  In regards to the past several days, if you value your life, YOU SAW NOTHING.  YOU HEARD NOTHING.

Now to silence the screaming stick-boy. 



... how did I end up in a different cabin? Where's Chacha and that annoying man Gin?
I never knew a person could be possessed by an animal spirit... WHO KILLED THAT POOR CROCODILE?!?!? I DEMAND TO KNOW! BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU STUPID JERK, I'M NOW STUCK WITH A GROUP OF SAVAGE LIZARDS! They seriously won't let me go anywhere... I must have acted so.... reptile like when possessed that they decided I actually WAS their long lost brethren, despite the fact I have no scales. It took me this long just to get to my computer! I'M NEVER GOING INTO THE WOODS FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!! I'D RATHER DIE! NO! NO! I DON'T WANT TO PLAY! I CAN'T HOLD MY BREATH AS LONG AS YOU! NOOOSDHJK;WSD4TFHGNI0POW EKSD 
Captain Ichimaru, Miss Nanami and I went to find the cute little sea ponies that Kronos found yesterday or the day before. It took almost all day to find them and then Captain Ichimaru accidentally knocked us into the water. It was scary at first but then there were sea ponies EVERYWHERE! I almost memorized the song!! Miss Nanami had a little trouble swimming but they helped her out. Me too since Captain Ichimaru's clothes have a lot of fabric that is heavy when it's wet. It's so true, when you're in trouble they'll help you! They're like water sprites!! I asked them if they had a castle under the sea and a princess pony but they just kept singing. I wish they could answer. Maybe they're only allowed to sing to people? I bet that's it, there's probably a law so that people don't try to invade their castle. The castle is probably so pretty all coral and pearl and abalone! I bet it shines like the sun and sparkles from far away!

We played with the ponies for a while and they didn't want us to leave but we had to so Miss Nanami and I climbed back up the cliff (Miss Nanami is a real lady so she had a lot of trouble, I had to help her out a lot because her fingernails are delicate and rock is hard on them!) we made it back up but I think Captain Ichimaru went to get help because he wasn't there. Anyway, we made it back to the cabins by almost sunrise. I've got to go to sleep now but I'm going to listen to the song once more before I do.

Captain Ichimaru, you don't have to send anyone to rescue us! I saved Miss Nanami from the rocks and we're back home! OH! but your clothes shrunk a little on the climb back up. The sun was pretty hot I guess. We found some berries on the way home so if you want some, Captain Ichimaru, I'll share, I know you were worried. Nanami had her own food so she didn't want any.

I hope I dream about the sea pony castle! I wish I could go see it outside of my dreams!
I like this game!! I get to stay with Papa Gin-san too!! =D He hasn't been around much, but when he is he teeches me all kinds of things! Like, did you no that there are speshal balloons that only boys can uze? They're called condumms! They must make boys very happy if they have their own balloon!! =D

Oh! And Papa Gin-san says my majik is like the "messed up Bunkai from hell." =D I askd him if that was a good thing. He wuldn't ansrr. So that must be good! =D

Wussymonkey-san is staying with me again. He screems too much. I like him with the crazy thing that was "sucking his braynz out" according to Papa Gin-san. Papa Gin-san is right. ~_~*

If I would stay with Mama Ken-san and Papa Gin-san togethur then that wuld be the best! Oh! And Princess Geezelle too! I like her lots! OH! OH!! And FUZZY-SAN!! He's so fuzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I love him!! I hug him lots and lots and lots!! Then he ran away. =( Come back Fuzzy-san!!

Okay! I get to ask a question for the game! Umm...

COATTIE-SAN!! Truth or dare!?! =D
I'm going to kill you Gin! Kill you, kill you, kill you! Did you have to tie me from a damned tree?! HUH?! You even left me there for a whole day!! I had to wait for Kenshin to wander by and finally untie me!! You two new people are no better than he is also! They just walked by and left me there! That stupid carrot head even laughed at me! Why do I have no recollection of what happened, either? There's also this big lump on my head... what did you hit me with, Gin?! I hate you! I can't believe I have to live in the same cabin as you! The island is a jerk! I hate hate hate hate it more than anything! AND WHY IS THERE A GHOST HANGING OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW?! She keeps glaring at Gin. GAH, now she's pretending to slit my throat! I want to go home!! YUKO I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR SENDING ME HERE!!

Oh... and apparently a new game's sounds like a really stupid game too. Who plays truth or dare anymore? Whatever I guess I have to ask someone...

Kenshin, truth or dare?
I've been requested by several members of the troop ta take care of ya but in order ta work this out I guess we gotta negotiate a bit. Consider negotiations open, ball’s in yer court.
Teehee ♥ This is quite fun. I am so very glad there are this many people on the island that  I can devour. It should makes things tons of fun. This kid has so much built up rage and energy, it is just so glamorous! I wanted to cut everyone's hearts out so very painfully with a sharpened broom handle, but this stupid boy did not have enough money to buy a knife from the shop-keeper. Alas, I am stuck with this workmans hammer. Oh well! ♥ I bet pounding people will be so much more fun! I can even use the forked end to rip open their chests! Oh yay! I am off to find them all now! This body is so easy to control, and smells delicious. I wonder if I can cut my own heart out in the end? Joy! Oh, yes, I told that little virgin girl I would sing and let her know I was coming!

One, two, sissy's coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door! ♥ kukukukukukuuuu

Ah, it’s good to be back ta normal.  At least most of us have returned to our normal state.  Can’t say the same for Kiryuu and Pika, they’ve been lookin’ a bit blue lately, literally. XD   Kiryuu keeps tryin’ ta get me to donate my doubloons to her so she can bleach her hair back ta normal but I think it’s more amusin’ when she thinks she’s gotta wear a bag over her head.

Looks like the numbers here are increasin’, guess it makes our situation more interestin’ with all kinds of characters around.

Anyhow, Giselle’s cockroach army officially won’t let me within five yards of our cabin no more and that lion from earlier has been stalkin' ‘round outside the village lately.  I can only assume it wants a taste of me after I threw a coconut at its head last time I was escapin’ from it.  Anyone got a spare bunk in their cabin I could borrow fer a night or two?

EDIT:  It appears I spoke much too soon.  The Spaz seems to have developed a taste for human flesh within the past few hours.

Seven hours have passed without experiencing those disturbing laughter intervals, perhaps I am finally cured. Though... The past days have been fiendish. For some reason, the narcolepsy always affects me when I am at the Galley. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It's so embarrassing. Last night, I was having dinner while Kenshin tried to help Chacha eat the soup. He picked the spoon, and the next thing I knew, my face was in the meal. When I awakened, I saw Gin snickering something about bork and schnipp.

Coincidentally, last Sunday our team was awarded shampoo and doubloons, which has been incredibly useful. My hair was starting to resemble a nest. I was also given eight doubloons and some of my original clothes. I dare not ask how the Island managed to obtain them. I needed new clothes, my blue tunic was partially gnawed on by a ferocious badger.

New residents have arrived, Stiltzkin, Miss Kyoko and another adolescent, but he has not interacted much. I suppose he is still somewhere in the forest, wearing a dress. Chacha is very amused with Stiltzkin and 'Bo', she has attempted to hug them mercilessly. As much as her perception allowed her to, though.
Miss Kirkyuu's condition remains without change, at least she no longer complains of the nocturnal laughter. She even stated I snore, which is completely untrue. It must have been Captain Ironfoundersson or Potato.

Regarding Watanuki... He has recovered completely. Except for the fact he seems to have obtained some courage. Perhaps it is a temporary symptom.
...Wow. Okay, so apparently Renge can hit hard when it means getting a guy into a dress.

Do people usually dream when they've been knocked out? Because I have to say that this is the weirdest dream I've ever had, including that one with Tono and the watermelon staircase.

Why do I always get stuck with the weird delusions? They don't even mean anything. It's just a bunch of random stuff, like that tree that I swear wasn't there before.

...Eh, I guess the only thing to do is wait to wake up. Why doesn't my subconscious believe that Pacman should be on this laptop? I hope they don't do anything too bad to me while I'm sleeping. Last time, I woke up without any socks on, and Hikaru's hair clip was missing. We still don't know who took those. Who would want a pair of socks, anyway?

Gah. Why do my dreams have to be so boring? There aren't even any good games on this thing. You'd think that it'd at least have Minesweeper or something. I suppose it's better than dreaming about being number six and being terrified of seven, but still. These things are supposed to be entertaining.

If I knew that this would happen, I would've just let the fangirls put the dress on me while I was awake. Which raises a good point--why am I still in the dress, when I'm asleep? I want a refund on my subconscious, it's obviously faulty if it's coming up with stuff like this. It could've given me a dream-Hikaru, at the very least.

Is anyone else having vision problems here or is it just me?!   I’m tired of running into trees!  My beautifully proportioned nose can’t take much more!

Maybe I’m going blind? 


I don’t want to be blind!  I want to color coordinate my outfits!  I want to see the newest summer designs by Alexander McQueen!  What if I wear two different colored socks?? I’d rather die!

I will KILL whoever did this to me.

Kurapika, thank you for helping me back to the cabin. It was really nice of you. I'm glad we found the little moogle on our way back, he's so nice! And it meant I wasn't all alone in that cabin with the creepy coyotes outside. I've had time to sleep and I still haven't come to terms with being stuck with no outside communication but don't you worry, I'll fight back!



I'm still not feeling very well. I wonder if I have a cold. I have no other symptoms besides being really tired though. Maybe I over did myself somehow. I don't know. There was a lot of noise in the cabin tonight... I was too exhausted to turn around and see what was going on. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA*UHKAJND I'm so tired of all this laughing!! It's coming in fewer intervals than before but it has begun to hurt. It isn't helping at all! I wonder where Dolly-san and his friend are... my bed is empty for on----
Kupo! Now that I have become quite the proficient master of this technological contraption, it appears that I am finally able to make contact with all of you residents out here in the jungle!

Greetings! I am Stiltzkin, Traveling Moogle Extraordinaire, purveyor of rare artifacts and powerful weapons that have…um…gone missing for the current moment. Alas, it is a most precarious predicament I have been stationed in; but I am handling the loss with amazing grace! Apparently going into a cave that says: “DANGER! DO NOT ENTER!” was not my most brilliant of plans. But on a happier note, it seems that I have crossed uncharted lands outside of Gaia, Shella, or The World That Never Was. Strange place, that last one. To a nomadic Moogle like myself, this place opens up a whole new world of opportunities and rare items to bring back and sell! Oh the profits! I can see them now, and it has my tiny antennae in a giddy tizzy, KUPO!

It appears, however, that I am to encounter quite the array of volatile beasts along my treacherous journey! Already I have been made a portable to-go snack of a flock of fawns who found my tush plump and tasty. Kupow! All the fur is gone from my tiny behind. Nothing more than a stump of bitten skin and tail remain at the moment. I feel strangely violated by the actions of said carnivorous deer. But this shall not deter me from my mission at hand.

Some of you I have already made acquaintances with; but my methods have been to always know the clientele that I am working with along with their shopping wants and needs. So if you would be so kind as to introduce yourself as well, I would be most appreciative of the gesture!

On a separate note: Does anyone have any sound shelter for me to stay in for the night and rest my sore little bum before I go back out again? I fear I might be made the snack of yet another hungry creature should I let my guard down at night without my proper supplies that usually kept me hidden from sight. Kupo!
Dolly-san decided to wake me up to show me his new "friend" that he brought in from the forest. Apparently neither of them could sleep and decided I shouldn't either.... the computer took a picture of this crazy new "friend".

I think I'm am more scared of it than the doll and new potato addition combined. Maybe Chacha would like to gift him to someone special since I already have Dolly-san and would hate to be a friend hog. o.o;; Would you be so kind? Please?
Today we went to the woods with misster Himura, mister Wantanuki and Chacha!

The sun was in the sky and the sky was blue. Watanuki was screeming like always, he was looking at me weird. I don't know. Maybe he's one of those old men who are shown in the news.

whats really important!!

Look!!!!!!! I took a picture of him!!

His name is Potato and will live with us in the little house!!

Mister Gin said he'd come for me, but potato will defend me, i just know it ~_~
this thing I'm wearing a dirty I should change it
I don't understand... When I woke up yesterday, I was back home! Oh Andalasia... Everyone, it's a wonderful land.. you should come and visit me! ♥ Everybody, please come to my wedding when I get married to my lovely Prince Edward!! It will be a most magical day.. One day..

But I couldn't find Edward anywhere!! I was so excited that I woke up and started looking around, but couldn't find him. So I thought that if I sat down and sang, he would find me yet again. Nothing.. My, it was lonely. I decided to go on a walk with my friends, but suddenly it felt like something hard struck me and the next thing I remember is waking up here, covered in squirrels!

I guess we should go out today and get the ingredients today for our recipe. I do so love to cook, so maybe that will cheer me up... Yes, yes, it will! And my team members are such lovely people, I know that I'll have a great time out with them~

I figured bein’ home was just a hallucination.  I had gone to sleep in what looked to be my quarters in Las Nochas last night and woke up teetering on the edge of a cliff and usin’ a huge egg as a pillow.  Unfortunately for me it was either fall or be pecked to death by a flock of angry swans. 

It seems that this was some sort of present from the island to celebrate April first which is apparently a day for foolin’.  Wish someone had given a heads up on that one. I would have gladly partaken in some of those interestin’ activities.  I wonder what Captain Aizen would think if I introduced it in Hueco Mundo.  For some reason, I think he’d be quite against the idea unless he was excluded from the list of victims.

…then again, I guess no one would be stupid enough to pull a prank on the Boss, it’d mean certain death… oh wait, I know a couple that are lackin’ in the intelligence area that could be easily persuaded… hmm…  heh heh…  ah, anyhow, that’s for another time.

It seems we have returned. And I see the statue has returned to it's original size and is still trying to hug Mister Watanuki.

I miss Mister Sano, Master Yahiko and Lady Kaoru. And my sword.

I think I will go buy a sewing kit from the man at the trading post and go about patching my clothes.
After floating for days—weeks--it’s difficult to tell from the salt water-induced delirium--I woke on a beach with barnacles attached to places they shouldn’t.  Once I had my bearings, I began to explore the coast.  I quickly found a rowboat.  It appeared to be in impeccable condition.

 Before I could examine the boat, a huge tidal wave hit me and washed me off to sea.  When the current carried me a few hundred metres, I heard a voice say “nuh-uh-uh,” as though admonishing a child.  Not two seconds later, I hit… nothing.  An invisible barrier of sorts.  Suddenly, I heard a tune… two notes repeating over and over again.  I saw a dorsal fin head directly towards me.  As the shark neared the boat, the music became louder and louder.  Then, large jaws clamped around my torso.

 The fight wasn’t long.  I tore out part of its gills.  However, I lost consciousness before I could watch it bleed to death.

 When I woke again, I was back on shore.  I saw that somebody left an unlabelled backpack with a portable computer, a flashlight, and a canteen.  I turned on the computer to see who owned it.  Then, I would find the owner and make him tell me how to leave this place.  I was surprised to find the items were for me.

 According to the computer, I am to help a group of people make a meal out of a swan’s egg?  What tripe is this?  For starters, who is this “Island” and how does he know my name?  Perhaps he’s one of those Watchers that the traitor told me about, but they are only glorified peeping toms.  Watchers can’t be capable of spontaneous tsunamis, invisible barriers and musical sharks…


 …and a telephone pole-sized statue with an erection equal in size to its height.  I have never seen a tribe that used a method like this for deforestation.

 Anyway, I will find you, “Island,” and for your sake, you had better tell me how to return to Seacover!  If you do, you will only die for your previous efforntery.  I have places to go and a certain person to decapitate.  Revenge waits for no one!

I had lots of fun! Met new frendz, and had a good time! Seravi-sensei iznt home yet, so Im gonna go play with Riiya-kun!


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