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--nk you’re wrong! There is clearly no Starbucks here!

I found 7 restaurants matching “Starbucks”, two are fairly close.

So you say… this one is supposed to be right here but all I see is a giant cliff.

Step forward.

… are you trying to kill me, Siri?

No comment.

That’s reassuring. How about I dump your sorry ass.

What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps, metal foundries, dumps, mines, reservoirs.

There’s a cliff right here, remember?

You need me, Ginger.


[there's the sound of a shutter and her reaction photo is sent to everyone]
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No idea where I am, or how I got here... but, hey, the phone is pretty nice! Upside, right?

No idea what I'm supposed to do with this other stuff. Or how I'm supposed to get home from here, because I already kind of figured out that my usual travel options... don't work. Ow.

I guess I should try to find this place on this keycard...? Snowdrift Hut. Appropriate, I guess.
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I guess this isn't the worst place I've woken up before.

..... aww, bow. What happened to you?
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It took me a little while to find the place, but it was interesting to note that this Island has 'assigned' us places to stay. Apparently I have a co-resident named Hawkeye. What kind of stupid name is that? Should I be worried that this person might literally be a hawk? It's bad enough I just had a deer bite me in the leg a little while ago getting over here. I punched that little fucker in its sadistic doe-eyed face. Probably would have turned him into deer jerky if it hadn't gotten up and bounded off the second it realized it wasn't going to make me the meal on this damn island.

These cabins are actually nicer than my old home during my childhood. Who uses metal bars to make beds stacked over each other though? Another lesson I've learned so far while being in here: Don't get near the weird three-holed electrical zappers, they will ki-

[Timed out, auto-posted]

Other team! I have located your flag and I will be capturing it any moment now! It is much too late for you to stop me! My team will be victorious and honored for our skills!
Ladies, Gentlemen, and the young sir who seems to take offence to my profession, dishonourable as it may be.

While it's not normally my business to interfere with your fanciful games... I could be persuaded to know where that flag is, as - if I'm not mistaken - Doppelgangers and company still do not have the faintest idea.

What say you? I'll even throw this lovely rock in for you.
After just a little bit of convincin' I got a nice tip, kids. It appears our opponents' flag was handed over ta the monkeys. This is good news and bad news. First of all, no amount of torturin' persuasion can be used ta find it, however, they can't defend it when they don't know where it is themselves. I'm also sensin' a rather annoyin' pattern here, although I ain't complainin' since I get my shark fin soup now.

So oh revered Doppelganger Leader-types, ya gonna lead the group or just nitpick the galley food?
Stop chasing meeeeeee!! Why are you coming after meee?!

I saw cluck-cluck-san today! I wanna be a chiken! It wuld be so much fun! 

Wat are we doing for the next game? =D I kinda took a long nap and Island-san sed I slept threw a lot but I won shinnies!! YAY!

Botan-san! Stephen Colbert-san! Watanuki-san! Chacha-san!







I think I have come up with an excellent plan to begin this flag game! Please meet me in the cabin right away!
Alright, team! Since this is such a large group, we've decided that everyone needs a new position to keep you all in line.

The most coveted positions are;

Flag Liberator
Team President

Be quick, and tell us which position you want. We can't guarantee that any of them will be given to you if you don't move f~a~s~t~.

Everyone else, you may continue preparing for your defeat.
I'm not in a team with Stephen Colbert-kun anymore, but I think that's okay! Don't worry - I will win in your honor! Your memory will remain alive!

As for the new members of my team - Hi!! I'll be your class group president, since I have experience on that. I hope we will all have fun!

I don't understand!! How could this happen again?! WHERE IS THAT BEAGLE JERK?! I know you're out there somewhere laughing at me!! When I find you I'm going to drag you back here and this place will make you SUFFER!

TWO TIMES!! TWO TIMES you've sent me here! I had to kick for an hour and a half to get out of the darn box!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!

Has anyone seen my partner since the rocket launch? She’s about knee high, blond, wearin’ a red hood… Ain’t seen her since after that most amazin’ launch when that big cross breeze sent somethin' back toward the island. May not have been her though, hard ta tell through all the sparkles and smoke. Hmm, think maybe we went a little overboard with the fireworks. Ah well, que sera sera.


I don't know what happened! But I'm stuck in a net hanging above a hole full of strangely red tipped which doesn't look good spiky sticks!!
Plus the weather is horrible! What on earth is going- skf hrHRKEAZKJwswhaaQQHHWQHFDAKLAJDAJ

ON HERE?! The wind is extremely strong! It almost broke the branch that the net is holding onto!

Oh! And I got a message from a squirrel to find Watanuki to make a jet pack?... Why do I have to make a jet pack?

I don't know how much longer that branch is going to hold me~ I'm scared!! TToTT  Jonah and Lala are laughing at me- ACK!!fsehf jfhweihHR329Y4892NHF9SUFEDJjlfjesaljfsdhguhhdf


Watanuki or anybody... Please save ME!!! T_T  I don't wanna be fried! T_T


MY HAIR IS ORANGE~>??~?~?~?~?!!!!

I think it's time for a little trash talk. OK, let me hit you with something.

Team Awesome? More like team POSSUM. Which is what you're going to be playing when you see how badly you'll lose to us. I guess that's what you get when you have a psycho ward escapee and a homeless guy paired up. SOME people might say awww when they see how badly you lose but it's only out of pity. Hey Team Awesome! What's that noise? Oh that's the sound of your failure because you're going to lose.


Team Gai? What happened, you couldn't even pick a name so you decided generic was the way to go? Oh no no no, I get it, you were worried your attempts would come across so girly people would confuse you for debutantes. Well news flash, you spelled GUY wrong. What's that? You didn't graduate high school? Well that's no wonder you get an F for effort along with the F for spelling.

And finally

Hey Team Sparkliez, have you been taking spelling lessons from Team Gai? What's that? The one 'adult' on the team is to scared to fly himself so he's sending his half pint partner to her death? That's a recipe for fail right there. Good choice of name because by the end of our flight all you're going to be seeing are the sparkles dancing in your eyes from your awe at our team's amazing jetpack. That's right, we're gonna leave your sequined butts in the dust.

Papa Gin-san mayd me a hat out of aloominium! Itz soooo awwsum! He sez that I get to fly the rockkit lawnchair as the pie-lot! Iznt that grate? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!~!! =D

Oh! Mr Sparklies Teeth-san sharrd sum of his cake with me! It was so yummy! 

And Bale-san sed I culd play with his fluffy hair! Papa Gin-san letz me do it two. But I think I fluffd it too much last night becuz hez now got an affro! AHAHAHAHHA! Papa Gin-san looks silly! =D
Today I was exploring... but I fell. Off a cliff. I could have sworn I heard someone telling me in my dreams that I had to charge blindly across the land in order to get anywhere and---Well at the time it seemed quite reasonable...

At any rate, long story short...

I was saved.

By ponies.

Who live in the water.

...and sing.
Zidane-san! Have you found any rope yet? I could use your assistance with the seagulls. I believe the pelicans may be trained in taijutsu! Also, bring the chair from our cabin, please!
Master Hikaru and Master Kaoru! Your personal assisstant Botan-chan is very very very very very very sorry!!!! TToTT

That tall Mister Grinner took the most of the items that you requested for me to retrieve to you!  D:

At this moment I messaged him to return the items that he took away to you. (I hope it works TT_TT)

But! The good news is... I still got your other items that you requested from me! :D

I've got...

Hair spray
Inductrial fan
Blow torch



oh... that's it...   ;_;  I forgot that Mister Grinner also took the Bolt of fabric as well...

I'm terribly sorry Master Hikaru and Master Kaoru! T_T

Please forgive me!!! TT^TT

Miss Hana and I have gathered all the useful available project material and the rest of you will just have to suffer with inferior materials. Good luck with that.

In politics today, there appears to be a squabble over captainship of Team Think's Alot of Themselves. Does it really matter? You're all going down with your ship.

On the home front, there is a newcomer with very pointy ears and no knowledge of computers. I'd say we teach him all we know except he seems mildly pleasant and there are so few of those types here.

Be on the lookout for Watanuki. It's not good to piss off God. Next time the hole might smoke and have a stone testament. God doesn't like your type.

Deicer and Bleach, useful. But what do we do with the new hole in the floor?
I'm not going to allow for mutiny on this ship team, but seeing as how I am not wise in the ways of this thing you call a 'jet pack', Misters Hitachiin, you may draw up the plans for it.

I'll be collecting provisions from the galley.
This is a rather sordid affair if I must admit to my current situation. Oh, but why am I being so stuffy? I have no idea where I am. I haven't seen head or tail or claw or horn or---or appendage of my companions. I'm not even quite sure of what this device is, but by pushing buttons I've somehow figured out how to write in a journal that I can fix without writing over in ink. It's peculiar. Still, strange journal box or no, I must find my allies once again and continue onward with them. Disaster could befall them at any moment without my blades and arrows there to defend them!

I'm also hungry and cold, but why am I writing that here? Oh woe! Will the warrior who fights for justice end up defeated simply by being lost? Hopefully not---

I hope the locals don't eat me. That would be terrible! Not as terrible as being vaporized, but still...

I have picked up the followin’ items for my amusement our new project:


Aluminum Foil – For Chacha’s flight hat.
Toilet Paper – Ya never know.
Gasoline & Matches  - Like there was ever a question.
Diet Coke – It sounds yummy.
A pump – In case we find a blow up raft.
Helium – In case we find some balloons.
Fireworks – ‘Cause Red likes the sparkles and it will be more epic.
1 Scuba Tank – Red’s pretty small.
Duct tape –  Lots and lots of duct tape.
Chicken wire – Because it sounds like fun.
Hot glue – For fun and fond memories.
Rope – Will probably need it.
Golden Thread & needles – To see if Red will revert back ta newborn mentality.
Cardboard boxes & Paint – To distract Red.
Scissors – I’m plannin’ on runnin' with them.
An Axe – ‘Cause those are fun.
Saw – Where there’s an axe there should be a saw.
1 bolt of canvas – I’m sure we can use it somewhere.
A staple gun – Yes please.

And no Red, I ain’t callin’ our group “Team Sparkliez”.  

Stephen Colbert-san! I have finished the Christmas cake! Did you want some?

Here! I took a picture for you! )

It is very delicious! And a lot of the frosting is green!


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