OK, Kenshin, Nanami just headed in as a distraction. She's asking Helga for something so on the count of three after I post this we both head in and start searching!

If you have to talk, just hide and type it out.

This is exciting! I feel like a spy!
Ichimaru! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! You're lucky I got out far enough so I didn't DROWN! I almost kicked you all the way in on my way out! You're looking tiny and you're still asleep! HAHA WHATEVER YOU DID TO ME I GOT YOU BACK!
It has been quite an eventful few days on the Island. First Lady Kyoko presented a most enthusiastic dance in her Bo costume. Some of us joined in for a while and were treated to her joy at the exercise. Mister Lee appears to have made it to the village just in time for the entertainment. Lady Kyoko seems to have overtaxed herself but I understand Mister Kaoru has been assisting her in her troubles.

Sometime during this Mister Watanuki was kidnapped by some of the local wildlife and we only discovered his situation after the fact. Mister Kurapika and I traversed the river in search of him and finally found him amongst his new crocodile friends. They seem very friendly with him, but I am afraid my hakama are in tatters after our rescue attempt. I fear I may have lost them altogether had it not been for Mister Kurapika's ingenious use of a very large stick. It seems the crocodiles enjoy fetching. We made off with Mister Watanuki during the ensuing stampede for the stick.

I fear one of the animals is staking out the camp, please take care when wandering, all of you.

A few cuts and bruises later and a visit to the infirmary and we are much better for it. The nurses there are quite good, I think Doctor Takani would enjoy learning from them. The healing touch is something wonderful indeed. Upon returning to the cabin I witnessed Lady Kiryuu being bodily thrown from the Latrines and I must say, she received some height. I admire her determination. She seems unwilling to ask for help even when it is offered so I shall leave her unless she loses consciousness.

I think I should check on Mister Watanuki to be certain he is recovering well.
Ohhhh gooood I feel awful. Those of you who didn't show up have only earned a VERY BRIEF REPRIEVE. I have no voice. And I feel like I'm going to throw up. But I swear if I see one of you, I'll throw up right on you and it'll serve you right. I neeeed honey and daikon... but. I. can't. move. I can't even get onto the bed. So I'm laying on the floor in the middle of my cabin.

Kaoru your dance was fun and I still want to be your friend but I'm not sure I have the stamina you thought I did. I hurt all over.

The wood is so nice and cool...
I'm still not feeling very well. I wonder if I have a cold. I have no other symptoms besides being really tired though. Maybe I over did myself somehow. I don't know. There was a lot of noise in the cabin tonight... I was too exhausted to turn around and see what was going on. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA*UHKAJND I'm so tired of all this laughing!! It's coming in fewer intervals than before but it has begun to hurt. It isn't helping at all! I wonder where Dolly-san and his friend are... my bed is empty for on----


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