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I am going to be eating some monkeys tonight.

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It must be nice to eat!!

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You are just jealous of my manly physique. At least I don't wear eyeliner.

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Much better than I would be if you were here.

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When you do, think you could tell them to give me back my cast iron skillet?
That was the only good thing I had left on this stupid island.

Ah... b-besides Mugetsu...
Wait... come back Mugetsu!!! ;~;

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I don't mind cooking, if you can find it =]

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Is monkey meat tasty??

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I haven't tried it yet but I've thought 'bout it.

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You should try it with BBQ sauce!

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Definitely has to be a smokey mesquite flavor.

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Really? Even better than hamburgers?

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I would really love an Angus burger right now. Actually I'll take just about anything. I'm hungry. Please stop talking about food. The little girl will try to make some and now that my muscles are gone I don't think I can handle any more of her magic.

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Why are your muscles gone, mister?

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Apparently the magical horror was time sensitive. I kind of miss them.

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That's not good - Let's train together, I'll help you get them back!

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Does this involve sweating? I'm not very fond of sweating. I may have an allergy.

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Oh... Is there another way to get muscles?

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If there is I am willing to do that. Maybe.

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We can try everything until we find something that doesn't make you sweat!

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... that sounds like a lot of pre-sweating is involved. I don't do well with sweat.

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Well, how did you get your muscles the first time?

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The demonic little girl sparkled them on.

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Then just ask her for them again!

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They were in the way and I'm afraid I might end up with mussels instead. She is terrifying.

And she's asleep right now.

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Then I'll ask her! I'm the Class President (And Student Council President), so I have experience dealing in those sorts of situations.

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Ask her for your own. I've had quite enough of her magic!

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Oh. You don't have anything else, then?

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Let us know how that goes.

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Be careful - I think they have rabies.

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The special kind of rabies that brings them back to life.

I'm putting the monkeys on notice with the hole.

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I am not picky! But not snowdrift.