I went walking in a small cave and I found this dolly!! My majik skware took a pikchur too!

Look look!!

It's a dolly with a sord! I will give it to Ken-san as a present since hes been so nice to me! =D
Dere Master Tie and other persons on the Island I have not talked to,

It has come to my attention that there are quite a few of us who have been stranded on this island. We are having a meeting in the town which is to the North-East of the Island. If  you are at what I believe was a boat house,  you have gone South and need to turn around. There was a road going from a it that looked like it was going North it may take you to the town.

Please respond if you are coming, or need assistance finding the town. The meeting will start when all who have responded arrive. We will be discussing what we know of the area and how we might find our way back to our homes.

Yrs. Sincerely,
Carrot Ironfoundersson (Captain)

ps if you have any food with you, please bring it. I find it is always good to have some sort of bowl of food to share around at meetings.
Oh dear.. I must confess that I am extremely confused by all of this. Where am I?

Well, one is never truly alone. Surely there must be some person about who would lend me a kind hand, or even a sweet smile. I just know that a smile would brighten my entire day!

Hello?? Is there anyone out there? Magic box? Would you happen to know the way to the castle? I fear that my prince is waiting for me somewhere, and I do so dislike being late..


PS: Is this correct? I'm afraid that I am not well-versed in how to use magic boxes..
The kind man at the trading post showed me how to use this. Amazing. I can not see any place to burn coal or petrol. I can not imagine how it works. It is a little warm to the touch but no steam comes out at all.

I have been told that I should use this to log daily activities and thoughts. I do not know how often I shall feel the need to actually do this, but as he was so kind in showing me, I feel I owe him at least one letter. I also offered to do his laundry but he seemed to find that upsetting. I assure you, Journaling box, I am quite good at doing laundry. I can get whites very white.

I am not certain how I came to be in this place and it is most assuredly not Japan. I woke up and someone had mended my kimono and tended my wounds. But they have taken my sakabatou. Whomever took care of me, should really bring that back, I would never take their belongings and my sakabatou is very dear to me. Perhaps they just don't understand that it is like taking a part of me. I will most definitely forgive them if they only promise to bring it back. I miss it.

Sleeping in the woods for the first few days was really not terrible, it reminded me of my days travelling between Kyoto and Tokyo. I also found an ingenious little device that has a button you press and it shines like a little lantern! I have found that the wildlife is uncommonly hostile and I spent an entire evening running from a crocodile! It kept trying to bite my leg. I assure you, Mr. Crocodile, my leg is not tasty at all. I was unaware animals with such small legs could move so quickly!

The man who runs the shop told me other people could read this, so if you can read this, please tell me if you've seen a man running around with a reverse blade sword. Hello? Hello?


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