The Island thanks all the players who participated in the most recent game. The final presentations are ready to be awarded.

For their Nutty Poofruit Ice Cream, team Chacha wins first place. You may move into Sprawling Flatt this evening, enjoy living in Island-style luxury for the next week. Each member earned five doubloons and a bar of soap.

For their Blueberry Pancakes, what they lacked in originality they made up for in size and color. Team Nanami has earned four doubloons each along with shampoo. The combined effort of Team Chacha and Team Nanami to retrieve the eggs was a risk but the Island enjoyed the effort enough to not complain.

The final dish, a cake made by Team Giselle was a good effort but the Island was already bored by the time We noticed the cake. So third place it is. Each member will receive 2 doubloons a piece and a bag of beef jerkey.

The next game will begin at Midnight April 14, Island time. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves and greet any newcomers who will be taking over Dogwood cabin.

The Island has spoken
We accept praise, burnt offerings and teammate sacrifices at 6pm daily


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