I never knew a person could be possessed by an animal spirit... WHO KILLED THAT POOR CROCODILE?!?!? I DEMAND TO KNOW! BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU STUPID JERK, I'M NOW STUCK WITH A GROUP OF SAVAGE LIZARDS! They seriously won't let me go anywhere... I must have acted so.... reptile like when possessed that they decided I actually WAS their long lost brethren, despite the fact I have no scales. It took me this long just to get to my computer! I'M NEVER GOING INTO THE WOODS FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!! I'D RATHER DIE! NO! NO! I DON'T WANT TO PLAY! I CAN'T HOLD MY BREATH AS LONG AS YOU! NOOOSDHJK;WSD4TFHGNI0POW EKSD 

Ah, it’s good to be back ta normal.  At least most of us have returned to our normal state.  Can’t say the same for Kiryuu and Pika, they’ve been lookin’ a bit blue lately, literally. XD   Kiryuu keeps tryin’ ta get me to donate my doubloons to her so she can bleach her hair back ta normal but I think it’s more amusin’ when she thinks she’s gotta wear a bag over her head.

Looks like the numbers here are increasin’, guess it makes our situation more interestin’ with all kinds of characters around.

Anyhow, Giselle’s cockroach army officially won’t let me within five yards of our cabin no more and that lion from earlier has been stalkin' ‘round outside the village lately.  I can only assume it wants a taste of me after I threw a coconut at its head last time I was escapin’ from it.  Anyone got a spare bunk in their cabin I could borrow fer a night or two?

EDIT:  It appears I spoke much too soon.  The Spaz seems to have developed a taste for human flesh within the past few hours.

This is the most frightening experience I've ever dealt with! There are ghosts everywhere!!! Why do these things always happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Couldn't I just get a break one of these days? "Oh no, not you Watanuki, you're cursed so come get mauled by this ghosty!" GAHHH!! And this stupid computer doesn't work, I can't even get in touch with Yuko. Why would she even send me to such a stupid place? I bet she thinks it's funny! I bet her and Doumeki are watching me through some stupid special crystal ball and laughing at me. You think it's so funny, huh? Are you watching me through this useless computer? Are you enjoying my pain?! Well if I'm here who's gonna get your sake? Not like you can do it yourself..pfft.

So... I'm suppose to find this cabin.... cabin...cabin.... AHH! Not another ghost!! ......!@$$&*^%.....
It really seems as if this computer is a communication device rather than a diary, doesn't it? I know what everyone says, but it's kind of like a magical mail box, and though I am not a witch or sorceress, I guess it's the kind that works for everyone~♥♥

So without further ado (=D wow, doesn't that look like a smiling face to you?) =D =D =D, my little friends have shown me to Chitalpa Chalet and it seems like Yamiko and I are the only one here! I'm not sure where my new teammates are, so come and find me please? Yamiko is a lovely girl, though a bit pale, and I'm sure that you will love her as much as I do! Perhaps we should make her some lunch as a thank you for inviting us into her home?

In the meantime, I've found the cabin all too dusty, and my little friends have been helping me tidy up! We opened up the windows for good measure and let the sun in and the dust out. I'm sure that nobody will mind if I take the bedsheets and use them to make a new dress while I'm waiting~♥



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