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I'm not going to allow for mutiny on this ship team, but seeing as how I am not wise in the ways of this thing you call a 'jet pack', Misters Hitachiin, you may draw up the plans for it.

I'll be collecting provisions from the galley.

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No need Mister! I shall go and collect them~! It is my duty to serve Master Kaoru and Master Hikaru after all ~ <3 ^_~

Unless you're their assistant as well as I am. Then we can go and get them together! \(^0^)/

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Oh? So you're Master Kaoru and Master Hikaru's assistant then? I'm guessing that's a yes because silence usually means that! ^^ Tee hee hee... OH no! Look at the time! We mustn't keep them waiting Mister! Or else they'll be upset at us! D:

We wouldn't want our Masters to be upset with our service do we not?

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...You're not?



Then you better stand clear of Botan-chan Mister! You're not going to get Master Hikaru's and Master Kaoru's items that they requested from me! Their personal assisstant!

And how dare you say that I'm possessed! That's an insult to the Guide to the Spirit World (aka Grim REAPER! :D)!! ;_;

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You know, the help is usually there to help, not talk.

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Whoops! Terribly sorry Master Kaoru or Master HIkaru??! Helping right away!~! :D

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Hmm...? Why so glum, chum?

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You should listen to Botan, Assistant-chan.

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What about lovely twins and corsets?

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I see you're enjoying your partners. I feel I should inform you that mine is much more agreeable.

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Have you been drinking again? You know you might be able to clean yourself up if you could wean yourself from the monster of alcohol.

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You tell 'em Cap'n.