Ichimaru! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! You're lucky I got out far enough so I didn't DROWN! I almost kicked you all the way in on my way out! You're looking tiny and you're still asleep! HAHA WHATEVER YOU DID TO ME I GOT YOU BACK!
Chacha is such a lovely girl, isn't she! She gave me a bunch of gorgeous gold thread, so my friends and I made her a lovely dress as a thank-you. Here it is, do you like it? We even had enough fabric left over to make a crown! ♥♥♥♥♥

We were on a roll, so suddenly I realized that we'd made new outfits for my rommates. I hope that you like them! You don't want to be stinky and wear the same thing two days in a row, right? : )
For Artie: ♥
Such a princely lad!!

For Gin: ♥
Somehow I thought that red would look stunning on you!

Kronos: ♥
You are such a confident person, and gold looks great on confident people! There was a lot of fabric left over from miss Chacha's dress, so it was a great opportunity!

For the squirrels and birds: ♥

There was no fabric left over to make a dress for me today. I'll have to weave some, I guess! Idle hands are the demon's playthings!! : )

Ahh, it's 10:00 am already! I haven't done much, I must get to that cooking! Artie, may I have your help decorating, please?

Oh, there are no more curtains in our cabin. I hope that's not a problem for anyone.. (But everyone loves the light, don't they?)
I dunno why, but Mama Ken-san and Kuthaleeka-san dont like me using my majik. Majik is so yousfull, so I made them sumthing when they wernt looking!

Look! )
I don't understand... When I woke up yesterday, I was back home! Oh Andalasia... Everyone, it's a wonderful land.. you should come and visit me! ♥ Everybody, please come to my wedding when I get married to my lovely Prince Edward!! It will be a most magical day.. One day..

But I couldn't find Edward anywhere!! I was so excited that I woke up and started looking around, but couldn't find him. So I thought that if I sat down and sang, he would find me yet again. Nothing.. My, it was lonely. I decided to go on a walk with my friends, but suddenly it felt like something hard struck me and the next thing I remember is waking up here, covered in squirrels!

I guess we should go out today and get the ingredients today for our recipe. I do so love to cook, so maybe that will cheer me up... Yes, yes, it will! And my team members are such lovely people, I know that I'll have a great time out with them~

I figured bein’ home was just a hallucination.  I had gone to sleep in what looked to be my quarters in Las Nochas last night and woke up teetering on the edge of a cliff and usin’ a huge egg as a pillow.  Unfortunately for me it was either fall or be pecked to death by a flock of angry swans. 

It seems that this was some sort of present from the island to celebrate April first which is apparently a day for foolin’.  Wish someone had given a heads up on that one. I would have gladly partaken in some of those interestin’ activities.  I wonder what Captain Aizen would think if I introduced it in Hueco Mundo.  For some reason, I think he’d be quite against the idea unless he was excluded from the list of victims.

…then again, I guess no one would be stupid enough to pull a prank on the Boss, it’d mean certain death… oh wait, I know a couple that are lackin’ in the intelligence area that could be easily persuaded… hmm…  heh heh…  ah, anyhow, that’s for another time.

...I never knew statues could cry.... I'm at a complete loss.
One of the ghosts from the island seems to have followed me home... and in its wrath to kill me itself it seems to have done something insulting to the crazy statue and made it cry... I fear my hometown will be washed away soon if he doesn't stop. Are there any suggestions to stop this tragedy? As well as get rid of the hungry spirit?

After floating for days—weeks--it’s difficult to tell from the salt water-induced delirium--I woke on a beach with barnacles attached to places they shouldn’t.  Once I had my bearings, I began to explore the coast.  I quickly found a rowboat.  It appeared to be in impeccable condition.

 Before I could examine the boat, a huge tidal wave hit me and washed me off to sea.  When the current carried me a few hundred metres, I heard a voice say “nuh-uh-uh,” as though admonishing a child.  Not two seconds later, I hit… nothing.  An invisible barrier of sorts.  Suddenly, I heard a tune… two notes repeating over and over again.  I saw a dorsal fin head directly towards me.  As the shark neared the boat, the music became louder and louder.  Then, large jaws clamped around my torso.

 The fight wasn’t long.  I tore out part of its gills.  However, I lost consciousness before I could watch it bleed to death.

 When I woke again, I was back on shore.  I saw that somebody left an unlabelled backpack with a portable computer, a flashlight, and a canteen.  I turned on the computer to see who owned it.  Then, I would find the owner and make him tell me how to leave this place.  I was surprised to find the items were for me.

 According to the computer, I am to help a group of people make a meal out of a swan’s egg?  What tripe is this?  For starters, who is this “Island” and how does he know my name?  Perhaps he’s one of those Watchers that the traitor told me about, but they are only glorified peeping toms.  Watchers can’t be capable of spontaneous tsunamis, invisible barriers and musical sharks…


 …and a telephone pole-sized statue with an erection equal in size to its height.  I have never seen a tribe that used a method like this for deforestation.

 Anyway, I will find you, “Island,” and for your sake, you had better tell me how to return to Seacover!  If you do, you will only die for your previous efforntery.  I have places to go and a certain person to decapitate.  Revenge waits for no one!

Waking up at noon is not something I enjoy. We spent the whole night cleaning and scrubbing the mud disaster. The mixture of slime, burnt rice and charred fish became a blackish sludge, which was extremely difficult to remove. The most complicated was the area of the stove. There was a sticky layer of grease, which had to be scoured twenty times or more. My hands are covered with blisters.

I must thank Mister Himura and the others for helping, I was so focused in cleaning, I barely noticed the rest. I have the strange impression Miss Kiryuu was watching us work from the corner.

After a long day in the forest hunting for the eggs, all I wanted was to sleep. At least the plan was successful. Chacha stayed with Watanuki, while Mister Himura and I approached to the riverbank. There was a large nest with three swan couples patrolling it. I started doubting when I saw one of these swans chase an invader squirrel and hurl it several meters into the sky, with a single movement of its neck. It resembled a judo throwing technique mixed with the aggressive nature of a wrestler. Or worse.
Mister Himura is notably courageous and talented, he swiftly sprinted to the swans and fled into the forest. Those vicious creatures never imagined it would be a decoy tactic! As planned, it granted me time to approach to the nests. Though... I wasn't expecting to find a swan offspring snarling at me, in its beady black eyes there was nothing but bestial ire. Without hesitating, it attacked me. After fighting for ten minutes, it performed a lunging assault, which I countered with a violent swat. The cygnet landed at the opposite side of the coast, though. I am glad I still have the short swords with me. The hilts and sheaths were partially gnawed on.
I safely stored the eggs in the bag and awaited for Mister Himura, until I received Miss Kiryuu's message.

I returned to the village as fast as I could, given the conditions of the fire, my main priority was to turn off the power of the Galley. The massive amount of mud summoned by one of Chacha's spells helped the situation, the problem was the aftermath. I'm certain Watanuki was somewhere hiding or unconscious after a seizure.

Fortunately, in the end no one was harmed.
As soon as I disembarked, the captain gave me this laptop, surprisingly, with Internet connection. I tried explaining to him that I didn't need it, but he insisted. It was... unusual. Yet I accepted it without hesitation.

Afterward, I started my way to the shrine, or at least to where it was supposed to be. Two hours passed and there were no signs of civilization; nothing but the the pure, virginal forest. Until that moment, I was convinced the island was deserted; I didn't want to draw any conclusion hastily, though.

The shrine should have been located two kilometers from the beach, an equidistant point between the shore and the hills. It shouldn't have taken more than an hour, considering the landscape.

But there was absolutely nothing.

Later I reached a higher area from where I could finally observe the sea. It was the moment when I noticed... there was a spot in the horizon sailing away from this island. Shamefully... I came to the realization that this had been deliberately schemed! And there are not apparent means of transportation capable of returning me to the continent.

How could this happen... to me? I now understand how Leorio feels often...

According to the notification I received, I need to find the "Snowdrift Hut." If I were to obtain a map, I could easily read it depending on the position of the sun.
This is the most frightening experience I've ever dealt with! There are ghosts everywhere!!! Why do these things always happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Couldn't I just get a break one of these days? "Oh no, not you Watanuki, you're cursed so come get mauled by this ghosty!" GAHHH!! And this stupid computer doesn't work, I can't even get in touch with Yuko. Why would she even send me to such a stupid place? I bet she thinks it's funny! I bet her and Doumeki are watching me through some stupid special crystal ball and laughing at me. You think it's so funny, huh? Are you watching me through this useless computer? Are you enjoying my pain?! Well if I'm here who's gonna get your sake? Not like you can do it yourself..pfft.

So... I'm suppose to find this cabin.... cabin...cabin.... AHH! Not another ghost!! ......!@$$&*^%.....
It really seems as if this computer is a communication device rather than a diary, doesn't it? I know what everyone says, but it's kind of like a magical mail box, and though I am not a witch or sorceress, I guess it's the kind that works for everyone~♥♥

So without further ado (=D wow, doesn't that look like a smiling face to you?) =D =D =D, my little friends have shown me to Chitalpa Chalet and it seems like Yamiko and I are the only one here! I'm not sure where my new teammates are, so come and find me please? Yamiko is a lovely girl, though a bit pale, and I'm sure that you will love her as much as I do! Perhaps we should make her some lunch as a thank you for inviting us into her home?

In the meantime, I've found the cabin all too dusty, and my little friends have been helping me tidy up! We opened up the windows for good measure and let the sun in and the dust out. I'm sure that nobody will mind if I take the bedsheets and use them to make a new dress while I'm waiting~♥


I went to move my things into Chitalpa Chalet this evening only ta find several raccoons dustin’ the room usin’ some birds with tall feathers on their foreheads.  There was also a large group of big beetles lickin’ the floor.  Ahh, then I stepped on one.  Sure am sorry ‘bout that.  Good thing they don’t mind eatin’ their own kind.  Nonetheless, had ta go wash my sandals. 

While I was doin’ that, I ran into Lil' Red.  Couldn’t tell by all that crazy typin’ earlier that she was a mute.  I’m not familiar with the sign language she might have been usin’.  Just remember both arms wavin’ lots, and then pointing at the ground and her throat,  maybe somethin’ bout singin’ under water?  Guess I’m not the only one hearing that song all the time.  She tried writin’ somethin’ on the ground, but I could’uv sworn she got struck by lightin’ after that.  Of course, I could’uv been hallucinatin’ the scent of burnin’ flesh.  I am a bit hungry.

Hey, Giselle, ya think maybe after your ‘friends’ are finished, ya can ask them to leave?  Every time ya leave or turn yer back, they don’t seem so friendly no more.

This game is fun! I can't find Riiya-kun and Shiine-chan yet, but I will soon. This is the best feeld trip ever! It's so jungly with all of the trees and animals! This person called Island said that I uze this majik skware to talk to other peepl. I hope I make lots of new frendz! The only thing I don't like is that there are lots of rats! Rats are scary! I'd smash them with my shoe but I lost them when that big tank blew me up. Island said we'd play lots of games, I can't wait to play two! I think I'll dekerate my majik skware while I wate.

Oh look! The majik skware took my pikchur! Ahahahahhahaha!

Oh oh! And Island-san said we need to get into groups! Who wants to be my partnrr?
Oh dear.. I must confess that I am extremely confused by all of this. Where am I?

Well, one is never truly alone. Surely there must be some person about who would lend me a kind hand, or even a sweet smile. I just know that a smile would brighten my entire day!

Hello?? Is there anyone out there? Magic box? Would you happen to know the way to the castle? I fear that my prince is waiting for me somewhere, and I do so dislike being late..


PS: Is this correct? I'm afraid that I am not well-versed in how to use magic boxes..


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