Jan. 7th, 2009

And so our monkey problem is solved. For a day at least if things are still working the same. Or a few hours.

Really Stephen, which cabin was it you were staying in?

Cookboy! I have your skillet, do you have that pretty finders fee I may have mentioned? For a small protection levy I might even just find it in my way to help you with your current problems, savvy?
I think I'm going to go crazy up here. The birds are singing.

I suddenly have the urge to eat a lot of poultry.
Koenma-sama! This is Botan reporting~!


Thank goodness! I found this device to contact you! I thought I would never be able to find a way to contact you after I crashed into a pack of geese!


Hahaha.... Please don't ask how that happened ^^;;

Moving on!

Where I am, I have no idea. But I've discovered that the animals here are becoming somewhat similar to the animals in the Demon World. Which is scary... Very scary. I mean I almost got eaten alive by rabbits! Rabbits!! I mean I thought they eat grass... They do don't they?! Don't THEY!?

I'm sorry! I'm sorry Koenma-sama! I'm just getting scared now... I mean I've been chased and attacked by demonic plants and animals that not even the Spirit World 's infamous demonic bug spray could kill a fly! The flies here are HUGE by the way... But thank goodness they don't bite (I hope). I even got all my hair plucked out by giant swans!

... I have a feeling they don't like the colour blue. ;_;

Anyway, since the animals here where I am are becoming more demonic. I have a feeling that someone called 'Island' may have found out about Sensui and Sakyo and decided to finish their job. TT_TT

I think you should call in Yusuke and the others.... HURRY AND CALL THEM!! (I don't like this place!)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention! There's a whole bunch of ghosts here! I don't know how the system missed these people- uh I mean ghosts, but this shouldn't have happened! Is it possible that there have been some files missing from the archives? I mean... No offense Koenma-sama, but your office is a mess. ^^;;

Uhh.... Please don't kill me.... T_T

That was a joke!!! ^0^ even though it's true

Maybe it 's possible that George misplaced some files and put them somewhere. Ask him if he's seen any files about: Fiona, Kelly, Paulina, Bob and Tiger? These are the ghosts that I currently had found that haven't been sent away.

Do you think it 's possible that this 'Island' is plotting some sort of evil use to these ghosts?

And about the suicidal pigeon lady case, yes Koenma-sama I've already archive that into the 'Dead and Deranged' cabinet before I left. ^^


And.... Umm.... Do you remember the Super Homicidal Maniac Jonah case?


He's here! And he's been fo-llo-w-ing me...


And please get this email ASAP!

I'll let you know if anything else happens! If I'm alive still, but then again I am dead

PS Could you also ask them to bring another oar for me? I- uhh... broke mine....

Please? ^^;;

PPS Why do I hear Rick Ashtley...?
Threat Number 5: Other stranded visitors! I notice most of you showed no interest at all in helping me out of that hole. I could have starved to death! I'm a very important person you know!

Threat number 4: Touchy feely boys. There are things young men shouldn't do. If you want to be like that, visit Massachusetts! We gave that state to you to keep you away from us!

Threat number 3: Holes. Large empty spaces in the floor of the earth! Ridiculous! They're after us all. Keep your eyes open you never know when one will jump up and catch you! Then hold you prisoner for days on end!

Threat number 2: The ground. I'm not sure how but the ground appears to have connected fully with my face at some point. To such a degree that I am not entirely sure how I got here, nor who the perky girl with blue hair is looming menacingly nearby.

Threat number 1: Perky blue-haired strangers. They look innocent enough but I guarantee I have a foot shaped indentation in my right temple! I've never met her before! That is ASSAULT. VIOLENCE TO FACES! Give me the name of your lawyer young lady!


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