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And so our monkey problem is solved. For a day at least if things are still working the same. Or a few hours.

Really Stephen, which cabin was it you were staying in?

Cookboy! I have your skillet, do you have that pretty finders fee I may have mentioned? For a small protection levy I might even just find it in my way to help you with your current problems, savvy?

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I can't read that blobby stuff.

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Who needs to read~
You have me to keep you occupied <3

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You're very close young man.

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Ohhh, but I'm just trying to.... rub all that dirt off you, hee~

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Well! That is very kind of you. It seems a little ineffective though. And we'll only get dirty again. I think we should just try to get out and find the showers. And the galley. Not necessarily in that order.

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But, I'm going to finish what I'm doing first~
One should never stop in the middle of their task or they'll become negligent <3

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I'd... really rather you stop that. hoho! That's ... I can get that myself.

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I swear there's a questionmark in there. I hope you don't expect someone to answer your blobby question.

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How'd ya manage?

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I see, good ta know, doubt it'll help fer long though.

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I thought you didn't have any left!

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I see!

What's a skillet then?

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Wait.... are you guys talking about MY skillet?!

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But I don't have any money! Will you take sticks?

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Wutz a savvy?