You don't have to wear this freackin' fat suit that you can't take off! I swear! If I ever find you Island person, I'm going to murder you in your sleep! This is so many ways of unfair!! What did I do to deserve this?! I don't even get a weapon! Just some hairy little mole-rat helpers and a gender confused Kenshin! Not that I don't like you Kenshin, but you know what I mean.
It is quite pleasing to report I have recovered my proper form and function. It is so very wonderful to be able to think so clearly again and I fear my temper tended to get away from me in the last month or so.

The unfortunate news for my teammates is that I did not find our final clue. I fell into a spring and hit my head and was forced to spend some time drying my kimono and hakama out again. My deepest apologies to Lady Kiryuu and Lady Kyoko.

Mister Ryuiichi, I believe I found your bunny although he is somewhat larger than what I remember. He is still drying out, it seems the stuffing is quite dense.
I've spent half the day trying to get away from a PLANT! I was looking for our next clue but it looks like you can't just climb ANY tree around here. If you see a tree with lots of vines hanging down from it, avoid it at all costs!!

It kept trying to get my kimono off!!

I must've had my guard down after the party last night.
OK, Kenshin, Nanami just headed in as a distraction. She's asking Helga for something so on the count of three after I post this we both head in and start searching!

If you have to talk, just hide and type it out.

This is exciting! I feel like a spy!
You actually going to help us find this one? It's not called a team for it's health.
Nanami won't go with us to look for the clue. She says she'll never go there again. I don't mind going if Himura goes but he's little now and the place is kind of scary. He's so cute little, he's like a pocket-sized Himura. Hahah that would be great, just pack him in your bag and bring him out to kick Sho in the shin!

Nanami's hogging the bathtub too. I don't mind her using it first but I kind of want to take a bath too. And she's got bubbles. :( She really is a rich young lady. Bubbles in a bath is like it's a MAGIC bath. And you can make yourself a bubble crown and rule over the bubble kingdom! Bubbles are so pretty. Can you believe she kicked me out? I just want to look at the bubbles. I mean I can understand Himura because even if he's huggable he's still a guy. But I wasn't doing any harm. You're so mean Nanami. And you have to get out soon because Himura and I have to sleep in there too. Don't be selfish.

Himura and I watched Jurassic Park on the TV. I think it scared him a little but he's sitting there looking all stubborn about it and jumping every time Nanami splashes in the bathtub. I promised him the dinosaurs weren't real. He keeps complaining that he still doesn't have his sword and a Shinai won't help with velociraptors. I guess so, I mean it's just flimsy bamboo and they've got two huge toe-claws and a whole set of teeth. So it's like having tons of real swords against a wooden stick. I told him it would have to do because we couldn't outrun a velociraptor and anyway they're not alive anywhere it's just a story. It's amazing how good computers can do animals like that now though. I want to meet someone who can do that and make a really funny Sho video. I'd send it to him once a week just because it would make him so mad! Hahaha I wish I could do that.

Wow that was long I'd better go knock on the door again. See you all tomorrow!
Status Quo
A poem by Himura Kenshin
Shouts echo loudly
Arguing amongst ourselves
We settle for night.


A poem by Himura Kenshin
Sun shining brightly
The Island turns muggier
The heat presses in


A poem by Himura Kenshin
Strangest occurrence
Objects move and disappear
Where is my saya?

Island Evening

A poem by Himura Kenshin

Moonlight sonata
The howl of a coyote
The jungle lives on
I got in first and I had to sleep on the bottom last time but I claim the top bunk for me!

Ryuiichi, I found an eye from your bunny. One of the monkeys threw it at me. Want it back?
Ichimaru you think you've won but I'll have you know I have all kinds of pudding and gravy still and I know how to use it! It's only been an hour and a half, I could go all night! My fort's much better too! HAHAH and ICE CREAM! MELTED ICE CREAM
Uh... Chacha? Has anyone seen Chacha? I kind of forgot about her, with the whole nearly dying thing. I'll be right back.
Ichimaru! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! You're lucky I got out far enough so I didn't DROWN! I almost kicked you all the way in on my way out! You're looking tiny and you're still asleep! HAHA WHATEVER YOU DID TO ME I GOT YOU BACK!
Mister Watanuki and I plan on traveling by boat over to the beach in order to cool off from this abnormal weather. If anyone wishes to join us, please meet us at the boat house in half an hour.
The last few days have been... frustrating. I spent more time than I would have liked glued to the chair I was suppose to be working on. WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU LITTLE BON-BON, I'M GOING TO SHOVE YOU IN THE DRESSER AND LOCK IT! We had been doing so well, too. I thought we were getting along.. but Kronos obviously has worse temper issues than I originally thought. When I accidentally tripped over him he decided to glue my pant leg to our chair. You do realize that in my attempt to free myself I had no choice but to destroy half of the chair? Now we have to fix it.

Oddly, I've been feeling a little lethargic... I wonder if Dolly-san's scary friend is around... or maybe Chacha fed me something bad again. She did offer me some of her dinner the other night when Kronos dumped my meal over my head in revenge for tying him up. It is a little weird to see Chacha.... as she ...he?... oh never mind. At least I missed out on all the horror that apparently occurred... I guess being glued to a chair had its advantages.

Also, Ryuuichi, while it is flattering you decided to paint my cabin as well... might you refrain from including me in everything you and Kenshin do? He's kind of clung onto you like a safety net it seems, Kenshin... maybe you could give him to Gin for babysitting? At least anything he puts in that mans mind you won't have to worry too much about. He's not an impressionable six year old, after all. Even if he acts like one.
Ahhh, I haven't been up this early in a while. It feels good to watch the sun rise and feel the heat on my face... AND IF YOU DON'T QUIT YOUR BLASTED YELLING I'M GOING TO DO MORE THAN TIE YOU FROM THE CEILING, KRONOS! I won't hesitate to gag you! I know you said I should be careful, Kenshin... but there are only so many death threats a person can stand before they crack. Besides, he was trying to use the glue gun to stick card board to my face! I'M NOT THE BASE FOR YOUR SATANIC CHAIR, YOU PRICK! At least we know he can't hurt anyone now. Does anyone have any duct tape? His dirty mouth is really something Chacha shouldn't have to hear.

or if anyone has a bat, we can beat him like a pinata.
Ken-ken said that I should post my picture for everyone to see!

We're playing street fighters! YAY! I can't wait to play more games with everyone! <3
Miss Kyoko moved into Hopseed Hovel last evening with Mister Kaoru and explained that I could sleep inside Snowdrift again. I do appreciate not having to remain on guard from predators while I try to sleep so it was a very nice repose. Miss Chacha joined Mister Ryuiichi, Mister Watanuki and I and we all painted for a while before dinner and then bed. Mister Ryuiichi also serenaded us and I must say his voice is unlike any I have ever heard. And such a strange song style. Not quite as strange as Miss Kyoko's chicken song but it was unique in a wholly different way. I understand they use drums and a western instrument called a keyboard as musical backup to his style. I had no idea a personality could change quite so drastically when performing although I have been told I sometimes do something similar. I can understand how Lady Kaoru felt now when I fought with Jin-e.

Miss Chacha sleepwalked and ended up in my bed an hour into the evening. There really isn't room for two full sized people in one bed but she would not let me leave. Miss Chacha you should try sleeping with a stuffed animal. Perhaps Mister Ryuiichi would lend you his bunny for a night to see if you can sleep on your own?

Never-the-less when I woke this morning Lady Kyoko was in my bed in Miss Chacha's place and I fear my hearing has not been normal since. I assure you, Lady Kyoko, I had nothing to do with this change. I cannot imagine how you and Miss Chacha returned to your own cabins and I heard nothing at all. Normally I am much more aware of things happening around me even while asleep. It is quite distressing to be so caught off guard.

Mister Ryuiichi, I have a feeling we may be working on the chair without Lady Kyoko's assistance as she seemed to go into shock before running away to the other cabin. I really have never had such an effect on people. It saddens me.

Mister Ryuiichi wanted to know what I looked like so here is my painting from last evening. I fear I am not much of an artist. But at least you can see general shapes. You should post yours as well, all of you.

Mister Watanuki, thank you for finding the watercolors at the Trading post. They are a great deal like Sumi-e paint but slightly thinner, it was nice to use something I was more accustom to. So many vibrant colors, however, I am NOT used to.
I am sure some of you are aware that I have been acting out of sorts for the past couple of days.  I mentally backtracked, and found that the time that I was… mentally incapacitated… began when I put on that tunic.  I wasn’t aware that this so-called princess is capable of such deviousness.  It was a misstep to trust in appearances.  That PUU-pity PUU-ping piece of PUU shall pay! 

It is difficult to type with these paws.  What kind of sorcery is this?

Oh, and Kyoko, Gin, Nanami—your days are numbered!  Do not think you can tie me up, humiliate me in such a fashion, and go unscathed!

And the rest of you!  In regards to the past several days, if you value your life, YOU SAW NOTHING.  YOU HEARD NOTHING.

Now to silence the screaming stick-boy. 


It has been quite an eventful few days on the Island. First Lady Kyoko presented a most enthusiastic dance in her Bo costume. Some of us joined in for a while and were treated to her joy at the exercise. Mister Lee appears to have made it to the village just in time for the entertainment. Lady Kyoko seems to have overtaxed herself but I understand Mister Kaoru has been assisting her in her troubles.

Sometime during this Mister Watanuki was kidnapped by some of the local wildlife and we only discovered his situation after the fact. Mister Kurapika and I traversed the river in search of him and finally found him amongst his new crocodile friends. They seem very friendly with him, but I am afraid my hakama are in tatters after our rescue attempt. I fear I may have lost them altogether had it not been for Mister Kurapika's ingenious use of a very large stick. It seems the crocodiles enjoy fetching. We made off with Mister Watanuki during the ensuing stampede for the stick.

I fear one of the animals is staking out the camp, please take care when wandering, all of you.

A few cuts and bruises later and a visit to the infirmary and we are much better for it. The nurses there are quite good, I think Doctor Takani would enjoy learning from them. The healing touch is something wonderful indeed. Upon returning to the cabin I witnessed Lady Kiryuu being bodily thrown from the Latrines and I must say, she received some height. I admire her determination. She seems unwilling to ask for help even when it is offered so I shall leave her unless she loses consciousness.

I think I should check on Mister Watanuki to be certain he is recovering well.
This is very strange. I do not remember there being ocean cliffs in this part of Fire Country. Kenshin-san, I am sorry, but I have not come across any buildings. I attempted to climb down the cliffs, but for some reason I could not walk down to the water. I fell nearly thirty feet, and I believe I may have twisted my ankle. I did manage to climb down to the water eventually. I then discovered that I cannot seem to walk on water either. I have not yet found a boat, but I am sure if I keep looking I cannot fail! Once I do I shall continue north without fail!
I like this game!! I get to stay with Papa Gin-san too!! =D He hasn't been around much, but when he is he teeches me all kinds of things! Like, did you no that there are speshal balloons that only boys can uze? They're called condumms! They must make boys very happy if they have their own balloon!! =D

Oh! And Papa Gin-san says my majik is like the "messed up Bunkai from hell." =D I askd him if that was a good thing. He wuldn't ansrr. So that must be good! =D

Wussymonkey-san is staying with me again. He screems too much. I like him with the crazy thing that was "sucking his braynz out" according to Papa Gin-san. Papa Gin-san is right. ~_~*

If I would stay with Mama Ken-san and Papa Gin-san togethur then that wuld be the best! Oh! And Princess Geezelle too! I like her lots! OH! OH!! And FUZZY-SAN!! He's so fuzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I love him!! I hug him lots and lots and lots!! Then he ran away. =( Come back Fuzzy-san!!

Okay! I get to ask a question for the game! Umm...

COATTIE-SAN!! Truth or dare!?! =D
I'm going to kill you Gin! Kill you, kill you, kill you! Did you have to tie me from a damned tree?! HUH?! You even left me there for a whole day!! I had to wait for Kenshin to wander by and finally untie me!! You two new people are no better than he is also! They just walked by and left me there! That stupid carrot head even laughed at me! Why do I have no recollection of what happened, either? There's also this big lump on my head... what did you hit me with, Gin?! I hate you! I can't believe I have to live in the same cabin as you! The island is a jerk! I hate hate hate hate it more than anything! AND WHY IS THERE A GHOST HANGING OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW?! She keeps glaring at Gin. GAH, now she's pretending to slit my throat! I want to go home!! YUKO I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR SENDING ME HERE!!

Oh... and apparently a new game started...it's sounds like a really stupid game too. Who plays truth or dare anymore? Whatever I guess I have to ask someone...

Kenshin, truth or dare?
Teehee ♥ This is quite fun. I am so very glad there are this many people on the island that  I can devour. It should makes things tons of fun. This kid has so much built up rage and energy, it is just so glamorous! I wanted to cut everyone's hearts out so very painfully with a sharpened broom handle, but this stupid boy did not have enough money to buy a knife from the shop-keeper. Alas, I am stuck with this workmans hammer. Oh well! ♥ I bet pounding people will be so much more fun! I can even use the forked end to rip open their chests! Oh yay! I am off to find them all now! This body is so easy to control, and smells delicious. I wonder if I can cut my own heart out in the end? Joy! Oh, yes, I told that little virgin girl I would sing and let her know I was coming!

One, two, sissy's coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door! ♥ kukukukukukuuuu
Miss Chacha, right, Mister Watanuki and I all went out searchin' for Mister Kaoru last evenin'. Miss Chachan 'as been right excited ever since 'avin' breakfast wiv Lady Kyoko. We spent a long time searchin' and Miss Chacha fell asleep so Mister Watanuki and I took turns carryin' 'er. We finally stumbled across 'im this mornin', right, he'd been farffer from the river than we'd imagined.

The deer are tenacious. Me kimono is ripped again, poor fin'. I 'ad ter ask Mister Kaoru ter jump from the chuffin' tree once I drove them hammer and tack a wee. I'm a wee 'urt that 'e seemed ter ffink I wouldn't cotch 'im. I'll get out me spoons.

Neverffeless, we made it hammer and tack to the village before sunrise, init?

I discovered, yesterday, the bloody most amazin' device in us cabin. It is a large box (of the size yer might ship a vase overseas) that lights up wen yer turn it on and wee blokes move inside like movin' photographs! Oi! Miss Chacha insisted on wotchin' a painted moovee called Oliver and Company. She seen the chuffin' dog and kitten on the bloomin' cover and began shoutin' Riiya-kun over and over. The pictures tell a story and move and dance and singg. It truly were amazin'. The blokes 'oo made it must also be right creative in uvver ways as well because they 'ad strange fast movin' carriages wiv no 'orses ter move them at all and them dog and bone devices in normal 'ouseholds. Cor blimey guv, would I lie to you? There were buildings as well, built far up into the sky.
So after being dive-bombed by a pelican, having half my things stolen by a mob of monkeys Kyouya's going to kill me; most of those hair clips were Club property, and my dress torn up by whatever those things were, I think it's time to admit that this probably isn't a dream. And if it is, I need to congratulate myself on being so convincing.

Since I've come to terms with reality, would anyone mind telling me how to get away from the deer-things at the bottom of this tree, before they find a way to come up here and eat me?
Seven hours have passed without experiencing those disturbing laughter intervals, perhaps I am finally cured. Though... The past days have been fiendish. For some reason, the narcolepsy always affects me when I am at the Galley. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It's so embarrassing. Last night, I was having dinner while Kenshin tried to help Chacha eat the soup. He picked the spoon, and the next thing I knew, my face was in the meal. When I awakened, I saw Gin snickering something about bork and schnipp.

Coincidentally, last Sunday our team was awarded shampoo and doubloons, which has been incredibly useful. My hair was starting to resemble a nest. I was also given eight doubloons and some of my original clothes. I dare not ask how the Island managed to obtain them. I needed new clothes, my blue tunic was partially gnawed on by a ferocious badger.

New residents have arrived, Stiltzkin, Miss Kyoko and another adolescent, but he has not interacted much. I suppose he is still somewhere in the forest, wearing a dress. Chacha is very amused with Stiltzkin and 'Bo', she has attempted to hug them mercilessly. As much as her perception allowed her to, though.
Miss Kirkyuu's condition remains without change, at least she no longer complains of the nocturnal laughter. She even stated I snore, which is completely untrue. It must have been Captain Ironfoundersson or Potato.

Regarding Watanuki... He has recovered completely. Except for the fact he seems to have obtained some courage. Perhaps it is a temporary symptom.
...Wow. Okay, so apparently Renge can hit hard when it means getting a guy into a dress.

Do people usually dream when they've been knocked out? Because I have to say that this is the weirdest dream I've ever had, including that one with Tono and the watermelon staircase.

Why do I always get stuck with the weird delusions? They don't even mean anything. It's just a bunch of random stuff, like that tree that I swear wasn't there before.

...Eh, I guess the only thing to do is wait to wake up. Why doesn't my subconscious believe that Pacman should be on this laptop? I hope they don't do anything too bad to me while I'm sleeping. Last time, I woke up without any socks on, and Hikaru's hair clip was missing. We still don't know who took those. Who would want a pair of socks, anyway?

Gah. Why do my dreams have to be so boring? There aren't even any good games on this thing. You'd think that it'd at least have Minesweeper or something. I suppose it's better than dreaming about being number six and being terrified of seven, but still. These things are supposed to be entertaining.

If I knew that this would happen, I would've just let the fangirls put the dress on me while I was awake. Which raises a good point--why am I still in the dress, when I'm asleep? I want a refund on my subconscious, it's obviously faulty if it's coming up with stuff like this. It could've given me a dream-Hikaru, at the very least.


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