Dere Islanders,

Would anyone be so kinde as
Find a hammer of some sort

It would seem my feet are still stuck togethere.
Hello to all those I have not been able to saye so yet! 
Usually I am much more vigilant.

Yrs. Sincerely,
Carrot Ironfoundersson (Captain)

ps. thanke you to whoever put me here, though I seem to have forgotten what I was doing to get into this sitchuation
Miss Chacha, Mister Watanuki and I parted ways last evening. I have moved into Chitalpa Chalet with Mister Kurapika and Captain Ironfoundersson. I have not seen the good Captain but Mister Kurapika and I have settled in comfortably.

I came across Mister Watanuki strung up in the tree today and cut him down with a knife from the galley. It took a while because I do not think those knives are meant to cut rope. All the blood had rushed to his head and it took a while for him to recover himself enough to walk straight. I see he is doing much better and is back to his old spirited self now. This is such a relief. I really did not think I had the ability to exorcise the demon from his body. I also saw no bright lights in which to jump inside and save him. The demon was very aggressive as well and unlike in the movie it was not confined to a single house.

I apologise to Miss Chacha, I had no idea the movie would be quite so terrifying. Mister Watanuki, if you could just try to help her if she has nightmares, I would appreciate it.

Welcome to the newest people on the Island. I hope you are all doing well still. This place is quite trying but we must make the best of a bad situation, no?

With the interest of getting to know some of you, I have decided to pass the game along to Mister Lee. Mister Lee, truth or dare?
Dere Master Tie and other persons on the Island I have not talked to,

It has come to my attention that there are quite a few of us who have been stranded on this island. We are having a meeting in the town which is to the North-East of the Island. If  you are at what I believe was a boat house,  you have gone South and need to turn around. There was a road going from a it that looked like it was going North it may take you to the town.

Please respond if you are coming, or need assistance finding the town. The meeting will start when all who have responded arrive. We will be discussing what we know of the area and how we might find our way back to our homes.

Yrs. Sincerely,
Carrot Ironfoundersson (Captain)

ps if you have any food with you, please bring it. I find it is always good to have some sort of bowl of food to share around at meetings.
Oh dear.. I must confess that I am extremely confused by all of this. Where am I?

Well, one is never truly alone. Surely there must be some person about who would lend me a kind hand, or even a sweet smile. I just know that a smile would brighten my entire day!

Hello?? Is there anyone out there? Magic box? Would you happen to know the way to the castle? I fear that my prince is waiting for me somewhere, and I do so dislike being late..


PS: Is this correct? I'm afraid that I am not well-versed in how to use magic boxes..
Dere Mum and Dade,

It seems I find myself in an odd sitchuation. I was on patrol with Cpl. Visit and somehow I am now on an island. I know this because it would seem that everyway I walk there is water.

This place is very hazordus, I have already been attacked by what looks like a birde, I cannot be sure as I was occupied with trying to rid myself off it. I have taken refuge in a pile of rocks, it tired of pecking my helmet some time ago. I have found this bag, and this device with my name on it, it is very shiny metal, much shinier than my armour which I fear is rusting in the corners. It has letters on buttons and I can write in it, so I hope this letter will find you.

I hope you will not worry too much, I am sure I will find a way back home in dew course. Please write to Cmdr. Vimes I expect to be back at work by next Octeday, I apologise for leaving without leave notice.

I will go now and try to find some better shelter. There may be some people here, I do not know.

Yr. Loving Son,

Carrot Ironfoundersson (Captain)

ps I suspect Angua will be the most worried, please write her also that I am fine.


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