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Ladies, Gentlemen, and the young sir who seems to take offence to my profession, dishonourable as it may be.

While it's not normally my business to interfere with your fanciful games... I could be persuaded to know where that flag is, as - if I'm not mistaken - Doppelgangers and company still do not have the faintest idea.

What say you? I'll even throw this lovely rock in for you.

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You're in the game! I'll have you know I was TORTURED for our flag location! TORTURED!

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What do you MEAN the right incentive. He'll torture you too!! I ASSURE YOU. Especially if he sees you might know where it is!! Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Which flag? Ours or the other team's? Because if it ours, I will not tell you because you might tell the other team!

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I told you I am not telling you!

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Why would anyone tell you for a rock?
I really question your sanity, y'know.

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Why is everyone calling us that?

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Ya say ya might know where it is?

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TAKE HIM INSTEAD OF ME~! I have a delicate constitution.