You don't have to wear this freackin' fat suit that you can't take off! I swear! If I ever find you Island person, I'm going to murder you in your sleep! This is so many ways of unfair!! What did I do to deserve this?! I don't even get a weapon! Just some hairy little mole-rat helpers and a gender confused Kenshin! Not that I don't like you Kenshin, but you know what I mean.
I've learned that Mugetsu is very good at alerting me when someone is nearby, especially when it is Gin. I think Mugetsu is harboring some hate for you, Gin. AND SO WHAT IF I AM CHEATING? I LIKE NOT BEING PASSED OUT IN LESS THAN SAFE PLACES. Which is where people like to hit me for some reason I woke up this morning surrounded by monkeys. By the way, they hit me with this stuffed thing while I was trying to get away. I think it might be yours Ryuuichi. It doesn't entirely resemble your bunny anymore though... I'll try to sew his arm back on and find him a new eye when it is safe venture toward the shop keeper.

Also, Kurapika, you shouldn't have much to worry about in the bathroom anymore. Unless he found another similar spider around here, Mugetsu ate it. ^_^;

[Edited at 10:50am] Damnit journal! Don't tell people where I am all of a sudden!
When I find whoever darted me in the back of the head and stole Kuma, I will make you wish you had never been born. 
The last few days have been... frustrating. I spent more time than I would have liked glued to the chair I was suppose to be working on. WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU LITTLE BON-BON, I'M GOING TO SHOVE YOU IN THE DRESSER AND LOCK IT! We had been doing so well, too. I thought we were getting along.. but Kronos obviously has worse temper issues than I originally thought. When I accidentally tripped over him he decided to glue my pant leg to our chair. You do realize that in my attempt to free myself I had no choice but to destroy half of the chair? Now we have to fix it.

Oddly, I've been feeling a little lethargic... I wonder if Dolly-san's scary friend is around... or maybe Chacha fed me something bad again. She did offer me some of her dinner the other night when Kronos dumped my meal over my head in revenge for tying him up. It is a little weird to see Chacha.... as she ...he?... oh never mind. At least I missed out on all the horror that apparently occurred... I guess being glued to a chair had its advantages.

Also, Ryuuichi, while it is flattering you decided to paint my cabin as well... might you refrain from including me in everything you and Kenshin do? He's kind of clung onto you like a safety net it seems, Kenshin... maybe you could give him to Gin for babysitting? At least anything he puts in that mans mind you won't have to worry too much about. He's not an impressionable six year old, after all. Even if he acts like one.
So Kenshin spent yesterday trying to explain something to Chacha and I had time to look at the chair. It's got good intentions but the poor thing was soaked in glue and glitter so it was all droopy. I told Ryuiichi to do the walls of the cabin instead which in hindsight may not have been a good idea. I don't THINK you can get high off kids glue but the smell is really strong. On the other hand, I used the hot glue while he was busy and tried to reinforce the chair and now it's outside drying. We'll see after the glitter glue is dry whether it'll work or not.

I have glitter EVERYWHERE now. Ugh, every time I move it flitters off me like Fairy Dust which wouldn't be so bad except it's gotten in my eye twice and that really hurts!

I finally ate all those berries we got the other day! Otherwise they'd go bad. Sorry I didn't share but they were really good. They're small and in little bunches, they're red/almost black and really tangy. I'll have to see if I can find some more.

Is everyone else doing well on their chairs?
Ken-ken said that I should post my picture for everyone to see!

We're playing street fighters! YAY! I can't wait to play more games with everyone! <3
Miss Kyoko moved into Hopseed Hovel last evening with Mister Kaoru and explained that I could sleep inside Snowdrift again. I do appreciate not having to remain on guard from predators while I try to sleep so it was a very nice repose. Miss Chacha joined Mister Ryuiichi, Mister Watanuki and I and we all painted for a while before dinner and then bed. Mister Ryuiichi also serenaded us and I must say his voice is unlike any I have ever heard. And such a strange song style. Not quite as strange as Miss Kyoko's chicken song but it was unique in a wholly different way. I understand they use drums and a western instrument called a keyboard as musical backup to his style. I had no idea a personality could change quite so drastically when performing although I have been told I sometimes do something similar. I can understand how Lady Kaoru felt now when I fought with Jin-e.

Miss Chacha sleepwalked and ended up in my bed an hour into the evening. There really isn't room for two full sized people in one bed but she would not let me leave. Miss Chacha you should try sleeping with a stuffed animal. Perhaps Mister Ryuiichi would lend you his bunny for a night to see if you can sleep on your own?

Never-the-less when I woke this morning Lady Kyoko was in my bed in Miss Chacha's place and I fear my hearing has not been normal since. I assure you, Lady Kyoko, I had nothing to do with this change. I cannot imagine how you and Miss Chacha returned to your own cabins and I heard nothing at all. Normally I am much more aware of things happening around me even while asleep. It is quite distressing to be so caught off guard.

Mister Ryuiichi, I have a feeling we may be working on the chair without Lady Kyoko's assistance as she seemed to go into shock before running away to the other cabin. I really have never had such an effect on people. It saddens me.

Mister Ryuiichi wanted to know what I looked like so here is my painting from last evening. I fear I am not much of an artist. But at least you can see general shapes. You should post yours as well, all of you.

Mister Watanuki, thank you for finding the watercolors at the Trading post. They are a great deal like Sumi-e paint but slightly thinner, it was nice to use something I was more accustom to. So many vibrant colors, however, I am NOT used to.
Ohhh.... that was quite a fall, wasn't it Kuma-chan?! I've never blacked out before. Even when K crashed our car into that wall in front of NG. You remember that? It was cool!

Wow! There's so many trees and birds... and AH! Is that a pony? HI LITTLE PONY! DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?! I'LL GIVE YOU SUGAR CUBES AND LOVE EVERYDAY! Awww... it ran away... it doesn't like us anymore... lets go find some new friends, Kuma!

We can pretend like we are on a deserted island until K comes for us! Let's go find the ocean and play pirates! I'll be captain McMuffin and you will be ScurvyLops! We will pillage the open seas and steal everyone's booty! Rawr! HEE! This is such fun!

Do you hear the ocean, Kuma? I hear something.. let's go investigate! Hee, look at that, I used a big word! Investigate! I used it again! Isn't that great, Kuma-chan? Now we're off to find that sound! It's in that tree over there. I'm going to set you down to take a little look, okay Kuma? Oh! Don't cry! I'll only leave you for a minute! I promise! You'll never know I was gone! Okay? I'll give you all the candy you want when K comes, so don't cry! I'm going to go climb the tree now. You stay there and keep watch.

WHA! NOOO! The monkey stole Kuma! Get back here you stupid juju! Bring back Mr. Scurvylops now, or I'll eat you for supper!


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