OK, Kenshin, Nanami just headed in as a distraction. She's asking Helga for something so on the count of three after I post this we both head in and start searching!

If you have to talk, just hide and type it out.

This is exciting! I feel like a spy!
You actually going to help us find this one? It's not called a team for it's health.
Nanami won't go with us to look for the clue. She says she'll never go there again. I don't mind going if Himura goes but he's little now and the place is kind of scary. He's so cute little, he's like a pocket-sized Himura. Hahah that would be great, just pack him in your bag and bring him out to kick Sho in the shin!

Nanami's hogging the bathtub too. I don't mind her using it first but I kind of want to take a bath too. And she's got bubbles. :( She really is a rich young lady. Bubbles in a bath is like it's a MAGIC bath. And you can make yourself a bubble crown and rule over the bubble kingdom! Bubbles are so pretty. Can you believe she kicked me out? I just want to look at the bubbles. I mean I can understand Himura because even if he's huggable he's still a guy. But I wasn't doing any harm. You're so mean Nanami. And you have to get out soon because Himura and I have to sleep in there too. Don't be selfish.

Himura and I watched Jurassic Park on the TV. I think it scared him a little but he's sitting there looking all stubborn about it and jumping every time Nanami splashes in the bathtub. I promised him the dinosaurs weren't real. He keeps complaining that he still doesn't have his sword and a Shinai won't help with velociraptors. I guess so, I mean it's just flimsy bamboo and they've got two huge toe-claws and a whole set of teeth. So it's like having tons of real swords against a wooden stick. I told him it would have to do because we couldn't outrun a velociraptor and anyway they're not alive anywhere it's just a story. It's amazing how good computers can do animals like that now though. I want to meet someone who can do that and make a really funny Sho video. I'd send it to him once a week just because it would make him so mad! Hahaha I wish I could do that.

Wow that was long I'd better go knock on the door again. See you all tomorrow!
Ichimaru! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! You're lucky I got out far enough so I didn't DROWN! I almost kicked you all the way in on my way out! You're looking tiny and you're still asleep! HAHA WHATEVER YOU DID TO ME I GOT YOU BACK!
I am sure some of you are aware that I have been acting out of sorts for the past couple of days.  I mentally backtracked, and found that the time that I was… mentally incapacitated… began when I put on that tunic.  I wasn’t aware that this so-called princess is capable of such deviousness.  It was a misstep to trust in appearances.  That PUU-pity PUU-ping piece of PUU shall pay! 

It is difficult to type with these paws.  What kind of sorcery is this?

Oh, and Kyoko, Gin, Nanami—your days are numbered!  Do not think you can tie me up, humiliate me in such a fashion, and go unscathed!

And the rest of you!  In regards to the past several days, if you value your life, YOU SAW NOTHING.  YOU HEARD NOTHING.

Now to silence the screaming stick-boy. 


Ohhh.... that was quite a fall, wasn't it Kuma-chan?! I've never blacked out before. Even when K crashed our car into that wall in front of NG. You remember that? It was cool!

Wow! There's so many trees and birds... and AH! Is that a pony? HI LITTLE PONY! DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?! I'LL GIVE YOU SUGAR CUBES AND LOVE EVERYDAY! Awww... it ran away... it doesn't like us anymore... lets go find some new friends, Kuma!

We can pretend like we are on a deserted island until K comes for us! Let's go find the ocean and play pirates! I'll be captain McMuffin and you will be ScurvyLops! We will pillage the open seas and steal everyone's booty! Rawr! HEE! This is such fun!

Do you hear the ocean, Kuma? I hear something.. let's go investigate! Hee, look at that, I used a big word! Investigate! I used it again! Isn't that great, Kuma-chan? Now we're off to find that sound! It's in that tree over there. I'm going to set you down to take a little look, okay Kuma? Oh! Don't cry! I'll only leave you for a minute! I promise! You'll never know I was gone! Okay? I'll give you all the candy you want when K comes, so don't cry! I'm going to go climb the tree now. You stay there and keep watch.

WHA! NOOO! The monkey stole Kuma! Get back here you stupid juju! Bring back Mr. Scurvylops now, or I'll eat you for supper!
It has been quite an eventful few days on the Island. First Lady Kyoko presented a most enthusiastic dance in her Bo costume. Some of us joined in for a while and were treated to her joy at the exercise. Mister Lee appears to have made it to the village just in time for the entertainment. Lady Kyoko seems to have overtaxed herself but I understand Mister Kaoru has been assisting her in her troubles.

Sometime during this Mister Watanuki was kidnapped by some of the local wildlife and we only discovered his situation after the fact. Mister Kurapika and I traversed the river in search of him and finally found him amongst his new crocodile friends. They seem very friendly with him, but I am afraid my hakama are in tatters after our rescue attempt. I fear I may have lost them altogether had it not been for Mister Kurapika's ingenious use of a very large stick. It seems the crocodiles enjoy fetching. We made off with Mister Watanuki during the ensuing stampede for the stick.

I fear one of the animals is staking out the camp, please take care when wandering, all of you.

A few cuts and bruises later and a visit to the infirmary and we are much better for it. The nurses there are quite good, I think Doctor Takani would enjoy learning from them. The healing touch is something wonderful indeed. Upon returning to the cabin I witnessed Lady Kiryuu being bodily thrown from the Latrines and I must say, she received some height. I admire her determination. She seems unwilling to ask for help even when it is offered so I shall leave her unless she loses consciousness.

I think I should check on Mister Watanuki to be certain he is recovering well.
Thanks A LOT stupid-brows, now not only do I have to use the cave latrines, I now have to CLEAN them!  All because you came up with an IMPOSSIBLE dare and wouldn’t change it!  You should have to share cleaning duty with me!

Anyhow, it’s my turn now so Kronos, truth or dare?
Captain Ichimaru, Miss Nanami and I went to find the cute little sea ponies that Kronos found yesterday or the day before. It took almost all day to find them and then Captain Ichimaru accidentally knocked us into the water. It was scary at first but then there were sea ponies EVERYWHERE! I almost memorized the song!! Miss Nanami had a little trouble swimming but they helped her out. Me too since Captain Ichimaru's clothes have a lot of fabric that is heavy when it's wet. It's so true, when you're in trouble they'll help you! They're like water sprites!! I asked them if they had a castle under the sea and a princess pony but they just kept singing. I wish they could answer. Maybe they're only allowed to sing to people? I bet that's it, there's probably a law so that people don't try to invade their castle. The castle is probably so pretty all coral and pearl and abalone! I bet it shines like the sun and sparkles from far away!

We played with the ponies for a while and they didn't want us to leave but we had to so Miss Nanami and I climbed back up the cliff (Miss Nanami is a real lady so she had a lot of trouble, I had to help her out a lot because her fingernails are delicate and rock is hard on them!) we made it back up but I think Captain Ichimaru went to get help because he wasn't there. Anyway, we made it back to the cabins by almost sunrise. I've got to go to sleep now but I'm going to listen to the song once more before I do.

Captain Ichimaru, you don't have to send anyone to rescue us! I saved Miss Nanami from the rocks and we're back home! OH! but your clothes shrunk a little on the climb back up. The sun was pretty hot I guess. We found some berries on the way home so if you want some, Captain Ichimaru, I'll share, I know you were worried. Nanami had her own food so she didn't want any.

I hope I dream about the sea pony castle! I wish I could go see it outside of my dreams!

I see some of you have enjoyed your venture into attempted mass-murder, cross-dressing, bondage, and hypothetical polygamy.  How I wish I was there to witness the havoc!

 Instead, I have resided in a cave for the past five days.  Believing that both the narcolepsy and laughing fits were gone, and I saw no harm in continuing my search for the Island.  Perhaps scaling the cliffs so soon after my recovery from the laughing fits was a misstep.  I woke at the mouth of a cave to someone singing, or to be more precise, somethings singing.  Gaudy pastel sea horses.

 I soon learned that every time a living thing falls into the water at this section of the cliffs, they rescue it while singing a song for an excruciating minute and a half, telling it to “count upon the sea ponies.”  I present you with a recording of this monstrosity.  Yesterday, a tribe of lemmings arrived at the edge of the cliff.  Are you aware how maddening it is to endure that song EVERY time those heinous rodents push one of their own off the precipice?!  

Trying to kill them has proven fruitless without a weapon sufficient for the task.  When I dispatch one of these blasted creatures with a rock, there are two to replace their fallen comrade.  I once grabbed one and threatened to use as a human… pony-fish?... shield in order to gain leave.  Again, numbers proved the victor, and I was “rescued” and again treated to the Sea Pony Song.  I trust that the sea pony population isn’t inexhaustible, but killing them one by one has become tedious for the moment.  No, the best recourse is to leave, and I will later exterminate them all at my leisure.

However, every time I try to leave, some force of nature prevents me from escaping.  I began to climb back up the cliff, only to have a rockslide hinder my ascent.  Even the rockslide right over their cove did not exterminate them!  When I try to swim to another portion of the island, the pastel monstrosities block my way.  On the other hand, I was able to steal one of the oars they use as props in their musical number.

At last, they are asleep.  I can finally make my escape.

Oh, and Island, you can take your beef jerky and shove it up your arse!

Miss Chacha, Mister Watanuki and I parted ways last evening. I have moved into Chitalpa Chalet with Mister Kurapika and Captain Ironfoundersson. I have not seen the good Captain but Mister Kurapika and I have settled in comfortably.

I came across Mister Watanuki strung up in the tree today and cut him down with a knife from the galley. It took a while because I do not think those knives are meant to cut rope. All the blood had rushed to his head and it took a while for him to recover himself enough to walk straight. I see he is doing much better and is back to his old spirited self now. This is such a relief. I really did not think I had the ability to exorcise the demon from his body. I also saw no bright lights in which to jump inside and save him. The demon was very aggressive as well and unlike in the movie it was not confined to a single house.

I apologise to Miss Chacha, I had no idea the movie would be quite so terrifying. Mister Watanuki, if you could just try to help her if she has nightmares, I would appreciate it.

Welcome to the newest people on the Island. I hope you are all doing well still. This place is quite trying but we must make the best of a bad situation, no?

With the interest of getting to know some of you, I have decided to pass the game along to Mister Lee. Mister Lee, truth or dare?
I like this game!! I get to stay with Papa Gin-san too!! =D He hasn't been around much, but when he is he teeches me all kinds of things! Like, did you no that there are speshal balloons that only boys can uze? They're called condumms! They must make boys very happy if they have their own balloon!! =D

Oh! And Papa Gin-san says my majik is like the "messed up Bunkai from hell." =D I askd him if that was a good thing. He wuldn't ansrr. So that must be good! =D

Wussymonkey-san is staying with me again. He screems too much. I like him with the crazy thing that was "sucking his braynz out" according to Papa Gin-san. Papa Gin-san is right. ~_~*

If I would stay with Mama Ken-san and Papa Gin-san togethur then that wuld be the best! Oh! And Princess Geezelle too! I like her lots! OH! OH!! And FUZZY-SAN!! He's so fuzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I love him!! I hug him lots and lots and lots!! Then he ran away. =( Come back Fuzzy-san!!

Okay! I get to ask a question for the game! Umm...

COATTIE-SAN!! Truth or dare!?! =D
I'm going to kill you Gin! Kill you, kill you, kill you! Did you have to tie me from a damned tree?! HUH?! You even left me there for a whole day!! I had to wait for Kenshin to wander by and finally untie me!! You two new people are no better than he is also! They just walked by and left me there! That stupid carrot head even laughed at me! Why do I have no recollection of what happened, either? There's also this big lump on my head... what did you hit me with, Gin?! I hate you! I can't believe I have to live in the same cabin as you! The island is a jerk! I hate hate hate hate it more than anything! AND WHY IS THERE A GHOST HANGING OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW?! She keeps glaring at Gin. GAH, now she's pretending to slit my throat! I want to go home!! YUKO I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR SENDING ME HERE!!

Oh... and apparently a new game started...it's sounds like a really stupid game too. Who plays truth or dare anymore? Whatever I guess I have to ask someone...

Kenshin, truth or dare?
Yes, the log in screen is the same. This does appear to be my computer, after all! But how did it suddenly turn up after a month? I have not seen it since I made my way out of the river near Konoha 33 days ago! Perhaps it washed up also! But I do not remember bringing it with me into the water. That would have been extremely careless! Electronics should not be submerged in liquid.

I wonder if Gon-kun and Ahiru-san will be able to read this.


Ah, it’s good to be back ta normal.  At least most of us have returned to our normal state.  Can’t say the same for Kiryuu and Pika, they’ve been lookin’ a bit blue lately, literally. XD   Kiryuu keeps tryin’ ta get me to donate my doubloons to her so she can bleach her hair back ta normal but I think it’s more amusin’ when she thinks she’s gotta wear a bag over her head.

Looks like the numbers here are increasin’, guess it makes our situation more interestin’ with all kinds of characters around.

Anyhow, Giselle’s cockroach army officially won’t let me within five yards of our cabin no more and that lion from earlier has been stalkin' ‘round outside the village lately.  I can only assume it wants a taste of me after I threw a coconut at its head last time I was escapin’ from it.  Anyone got a spare bunk in their cabin I could borrow fer a night or two?

EDIT:  It appears I spoke much too soon.  The Spaz seems to have developed a taste for human flesh within the past few hours.

Seven hours have passed without experiencing those disturbing laughter intervals, perhaps I am finally cured. Though... The past days have been fiendish. For some reason, the narcolepsy always affects me when I am at the Galley. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It's so embarrassing. Last night, I was having dinner while Kenshin tried to help Chacha eat the soup. He picked the spoon, and the next thing I knew, my face was in the meal. When I awakened, I saw Gin snickering something about bork and schnipp.

Coincidentally, last Sunday our team was awarded shampoo and doubloons, which has been incredibly useful. My hair was starting to resemble a nest. I was also given eight doubloons and some of my original clothes. I dare not ask how the Island managed to obtain them. I needed new clothes, my blue tunic was partially gnawed on by a ferocious badger.

New residents have arrived, Stiltzkin, Miss Kyoko and another adolescent, but he has not interacted much. I suppose he is still somewhere in the forest, wearing a dress. Chacha is very amused with Stiltzkin and 'Bo', she has attempted to hug them mercilessly. As much as her perception allowed her to, though.
Miss Kirkyuu's condition remains without change, at least she no longer complains of the nocturnal laughter. She even stated I snore, which is completely untrue. It must have been Captain Ironfoundersson or Potato.

Regarding Watanuki... He has recovered completely. Except for the fact he seems to have obtained some courage. Perhaps it is a temporary symptom.
...Wow. Okay, so apparently Renge can hit hard when it means getting a guy into a dress.

Do people usually dream when they've been knocked out? Because I have to say that this is the weirdest dream I've ever had, including that one with Tono and the watermelon staircase.

Why do I always get stuck with the weird delusions? They don't even mean anything. It's just a bunch of random stuff, like that tree that I swear wasn't there before.

...Eh, I guess the only thing to do is wait to wake up. Why doesn't my subconscious believe that Pacman should be on this laptop? I hope they don't do anything too bad to me while I'm sleeping. Last time, I woke up without any socks on, and Hikaru's hair clip was missing. We still don't know who took those. Who would want a pair of socks, anyway?

Gah. Why do my dreams have to be so boring? There aren't even any good games on this thing. You'd think that it'd at least have Minesweeper or something. I suppose it's better than dreaming about being number six and being terrified of seven, but still. These things are supposed to be entertaining.

If I knew that this would happen, I would've just let the fangirls put the dress on me while I was awake. Which raises a good point--why am I still in the dress, when I'm asleep? I want a refund on my subconscious, it's obviously faulty if it's coming up with stuff like this. It could've given me a dream-Hikaru, at the very least.

Is anyone else having vision problems here or is it just me?!   I’m tired of running into trees!  My beautifully proportioned nose can’t take much more!

Maybe I’m going blind? 


I don’t want to be blind!  I want to color coordinate my outfits!  I want to see the newest summer designs by Alexander McQueen!  What if I wear two different colored socks?? I’d rather die!

I will KILL whoever did this to me.

Kurapika, thank you for helping me back to the cabin. It was really nice of you. I'm glad we found the little moogle on our way back, he's so nice! And it meant I wasn't all alone in that cabin with the creepy coyotes outside. I've had time to sleep and I still haven't come to terms with being stuck with no outside communication but don't you worry, I'll fight back!



I'm still not feeling very well. I wonder if I have a cold. I have no other symptoms besides being really tired though. Maybe I over did myself somehow. I don't know. There was a lot of noise in the cabin tonight... I was too exhausted to turn around and see what was going on. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA*UHKAJND I'm so tired of all this laughing!! It's coming in fewer intervals than before but it has begun to hurt. It isn't helping at all! I wonder where Dolly-san and his friend are... my bed is empty for on----
Wh.. WHAT IS THIS?! I KNEW I felt him around. KNEW IT, my evil radar detector went off. Damn you Shotarou! You got me involved with that creepy guy! I wake up inside a BOX! And once I make it out I find myself in a TREE! I must have fallen from pretty high up too because I'm bruised everywhere. If my face is bruised I'll KILL him. Stuffing me in a box! I DEMAND A REMATCH! WHERE DID YOU SEND ME?! YOU'RE JUST LUCKY I WAS DRESSED AS BO!! He has a lot of padding. I could have broken something. Where are my clothes? I usually wear normal clothes under Bo! I can't chaaaaaange... wahhh~!

Ohhhhh noooooooooooo! I'm supposed to be shooting Mio today and Mr. Tsuruga is going to think I'm late and I don't care about acting!! DAMN YOU BEAGLE! I HATE YOU! I'll make you pay! I'll send you to the deepest bowels of Hell! You think this crappy tree is going to keep me from crushing you? Think again buster!

Oh... Mr. Tsuruga's going to give me that terrifying gentlemanly smile and say something mean like 'Oh you decided to show up, isn't that nice, the rest of us wasted days of shooting because you weren't there.' I know he's gonna hate me for this even more.

Mooookoooo I'm somewhere in a jungle. Do you think I'm dead? Do you think the fairies came and took me away to their world? Why didn't they take me out of the box first. I don't see anything but trees.

That stupid beagle thinks he's won but next time I see him I'll show him! You think you scare me but it's not going to be like last time I have a talisman this time and it'll defeat you for sure! ... Where is it? NOOOOO!!!! OH MY GOD NO!! COOOOORN!! IT'S GONE YOU MADE ME LOSE IT!!

I HATE YOU 100x more now! I hope you got a splinter putting me in that box! I hope it gets infected and festers and falls off and all your fans are disgusted by you! YOU DESERVE IT!

I should have gotten a journal ages ago. I feel so relieved, writing out my thoughts. Ahhh....j31j2n#@
Mister Kurapika and I 'ad a wonderful conversation last evenin', right? I consider meself 'onoured ter have become acquainted wiv 'im and consider 'im a mucker.

We 'ad the bloody contest finals today, and I assume we wait for the Island ter make it's decision on the outcome. I were able ter try, right, for the first time, blueberry pancakes. Ingenious flat bread that is sweet ter the taste and served wiv syrup. The chuffin' cakes were quite sweet on their own so I opted out of addin' on the bloomin' syrup. Cor blimey guv! Right nice Uncle Bob ter Lady Kiryuu, right, Captain Ironfoundersson and Mister Kurapika.

I'm bloody well 'avin' difficulty sleepin' wiv Mister Watanuki's new pet in the bloody cabin, init? It's mince pies glow yellow and I do not believe it actually 'as eyelids. Yer can't 'ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. Now that Mister Watanuki 'as calmed dahn over the matter of Miss Chacha's statue, I feel 'e may last much better on the bloomin' Island. Right. I were worried for 'is blood pressure for a wile.

Miss Chacha, I 'ave taken a great deal of yor fread ter the nice man at the bloomin' Tradin' Post 'oo 'as promised ter keep the store stocked wiv it and in exchange gave yer 20 doubloons, a new red cloak, and a sleepin' bag. Now there is room ter move about us cabin again and yer 'ave a sleepin' bag for yorself no matter where yer go.
After floating for days—weeks--it’s difficult to tell from the salt water-induced delirium--I woke on a beach with barnacles attached to places they shouldn’t.  Once I had my bearings, I began to explore the coast.  I quickly found a rowboat.  It appeared to be in impeccable condition.

 Before I could examine the boat, a huge tidal wave hit me and washed me off to sea.  When the current carried me a few hundred metres, I heard a voice say “nuh-uh-uh,” as though admonishing a child.  Not two seconds later, I hit… nothing.  An invisible barrier of sorts.  Suddenly, I heard a tune… two notes repeating over and over again.  I saw a dorsal fin head directly towards me.  As the shark neared the boat, the music became louder and louder.  Then, large jaws clamped around my torso.

 The fight wasn’t long.  I tore out part of its gills.  However, I lost consciousness before I could watch it bleed to death.

 When I woke again, I was back on shore.  I saw that somebody left an unlabelled backpack with a portable computer, a flashlight, and a canteen.  I turned on the computer to see who owned it.  Then, I would find the owner and make him tell me how to leave this place.  I was surprised to find the items were for me.

 According to the computer, I am to help a group of people make a meal out of a swan’s egg?  What tripe is this?  For starters, who is this “Island” and how does he know my name?  Perhaps he’s one of those Watchers that the traitor told me about, but they are only glorified peeping toms.  Watchers can’t be capable of spontaneous tsunamis, invisible barriers and musical sharks…


 …and a telephone pole-sized statue with an erection equal in size to its height.  I have never seen a tribe that used a method like this for deforestation.

 Anyway, I will find you, “Island,” and for your sake, you had better tell me how to return to Seacover!  If you do, you will only die for your previous efforntery.  I have places to go and a certain person to decapitate.  Revenge waits for no one!

This place has officially frightened me to a point I can't even comprehend. I woke up today with no recollection of what went on the past few days..... AND WITH THAT STUPID NASTY STATUE!!!! I thought we got rid of the thing!! I was so terrified by everything I threw it out the window. Maybe that deer that likes to follow me around will eat it. One can only hope. With that aside... my lack of awareness has me rather confused. I vaguely recall screaming... and Chacha covered in mud... but other then that I am drawing a blank. Did you feed me something terrible again, Chacha?! Having seizures and seeing everything in shades of purple is one thing but I don't appreciate having no memory!!

GAH!!! That statue is back again!! I threw it outside!! Is someone pulling more pranks on me?! You guys are mean! I'll just break the stupid thing and be rid of it for good.

3AM Edit: I'm surrounded by insanity.... I haven't seen the doll all night since I shattered it and gave it to the fishes.... I'm still paranoid it may come back and I will find it on my pillow. I will try to sleep now with hopes that it never returns.
PS. I may not like you much, Kurapika, but I didn't mean to hit you with it. Look on the bright side, at least it only hit you. You don't wake up to it's pointy little..... #^*$ in your face. My dreams are haunted forever.
Waking up at noon is not something I enjoy. We spent the whole night cleaning and scrubbing the mud disaster. The mixture of slime, burnt rice and charred fish became a blackish sludge, which was extremely difficult to remove. The most complicated was the area of the stove. There was a sticky layer of grease, which had to be scoured twenty times or more. My hands are covered with blisters.

I must thank Mister Himura and the others for helping, I was so focused in cleaning, I barely noticed the rest. I have the strange impression Miss Kiryuu was watching us work from the corner.

After a long day in the forest hunting for the eggs, all I wanted was to sleep. At least the plan was successful. Chacha stayed with Watanuki, while Mister Himura and I approached to the riverbank. There was a large nest with three swan couples patrolling it. I started doubting when I saw one of these swans chase an invader squirrel and hurl it several meters into the sky, with a single movement of its neck. It resembled a judo throwing technique mixed with the aggressive nature of a wrestler. Or worse.
Mister Himura is notably courageous and talented, he swiftly sprinted to the swans and fled into the forest. Those vicious creatures never imagined it would be a decoy tactic! As planned, it granted me time to approach to the nests. Though... I wasn't expecting to find a swan offspring snarling at me, in its beady black eyes there was nothing but bestial ire. Without hesitating, it attacked me. After fighting for ten minutes, it performed a lunging assault, which I countered with a violent swat. The cygnet landed at the opposite side of the coast, though. I am glad I still have the short swords with me. The hilts and sheaths were partially gnawed on.
I safely stored the eggs in the bag and awaited for Mister Himura, until I received Miss Kiryuu's message.

I returned to the village as fast as I could, given the conditions of the fire, my main priority was to turn off the power of the Galley. The massive amount of mud summoned by one of Chacha's spells helped the situation, the problem was the aftermath. I'm certain Watanuki was somewhere hiding or unconscious after a seizure.

Fortunately, in the end no one was harmed.
Miss Chacha, your dolly is showing up every morning, at the head of my bed. Are you playing games with me? I find it less than appealing to wake up to so please excuse my surprised shout.

Miss Chacha and I had a small discussion and she finally agreed to watch Mister Watanuki for us while Mister Kurapika and I went after the swans, yesterday. I would have explained what happened sooner only there was the kitchen incident and we all had very little sleep. Therefore, my report comes today instead.

Mister Kurapika came up with the bright idea to lure the swans away from the nest so that one person could get the eggs. I volunteered to be a lure and we managed to find a new nest after only a little searching down the river. It seems the Swans are very territorial so the nests are somewhat spread out. This one was much larger.

I had not realised animals with webbed feet could move so quickly but apparently the wings can be used to offset the awkwardness of feet made for water travel. I only just escaped with my life and was chased across the valley. My poor kimono is all tattered now. I will most definitely have bruises from the encounter and this I can walk off, but it is very depressing to see my kimono and hakama in such a state. This coupled with my sword missing is a little depressing.

I was not able to dwell very long on these thoughts for I headed back across the valley and up to the village at discovering Miss Chacha and Lady Kiryuu's predicament. Where was Mister Watanuki during all this? Surely he would have known how to put out a grease fire? Mister Kurapika returned before myself and I have not had a chance to ask if he was successful in retrieving eggs for the both of us. Have you done so?

We spent most of the night cleaning, after I took Miss Chacha to bed. We must have made it back to the cabins around six this morning the sun was just rising. I awoke to that ... thing pointed right at my face. I can now sympathise with Mister Watanuki, perhaps his heart feels just as weak. It would explain quite a bit.

Um... a little help in the kitchen please?  I started cooking the rice in the machine like Mr. Kurapika told me to, and now there’s a lot of smoke pouring out from it.  I’d unplug it, but I can hear a horrible hissing sound and it has started glowing and sparking.  Also, there seems to be a small fire on the stove top where I was trying to cook some fish shortly after the mixing incident and it’s not going out no matter how much water I throw on it.  It actually seems to be getting larger…

When I wok up this morning Dolly-san was gone. =(  Its so sad, I reely liked Dolly-san. And I was going to give him Wuvawookie-san. But maybe I’ll see him again and then I can gift him. =D

Today was so much fun! Just like the day befor when Ken-san chasd away all those rats. We went after swanz, and they were also verry unhappy. I tried singing to them like Geezell-san had told otherz, but that seemd to only make them more angry. Kurapickle-san came with us to also get eggs for his team. Too bad Wackamonkee-san didn’t come with us. He just screemd more and then past out. Ken-san said sumthing about braking a blood vessal in his head. I hope he is okay. May have been the PMS medisin we made him to make the monstur go away. =D  But…I don’t think it werked. We shuld make more just in case it wuznt eenuf.

I culdn’t talk to Kursawrinkle-san so Ken-san had to tell me what he said.  Ken-san told me to stay out of the way for my sefty. But the swanz looked meen, so I sang to them. That didn’t werk. =(  They come after mee, so I used my majik to try to make them happy. I turnd them into big purrpl elyfants instead. They make more problems for Ken-san and Kermelaka-san. I tried to stop the elyfants but then it started raining thos fishies with the sharp teeth on us all. I have lotz of owiees now. =(  To protect us from the fishies I tried making a majik bareer! Seravi-sensei tellz me lots about those! I have never tried it befor but it sownded easy. =D  I made a BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG wall of flowrz!! They were very pretty…didn’t werk against elyfants tho. I tried again….this time it metal chips. Ken-san said they were sumthing called yen. Yen is monee where Ken-san comes from. But Yen duzn’t werk as monee for Island-san. We were sad. =(

Elyfants smashed all the eggs we were going to get. Ken-san and Kuwapikme-san are VERY strong! =D They chase elephants away and said sumthing about a neer death ex-peer-ee-ants. We  said goodbye to Kurmatika-san since eggs are all gone. 

Washaluggee-san finally woke up and is now screeming again about not having any eggs to cook with. I will go fix more medisin for him to chase away PMS monster again. =D

As soon as I disembarked, the captain gave me this laptop, surprisingly, with Internet connection. I tried explaining to him that I didn't need it, but he insisted. It was... unusual. Yet I accepted it without hesitation.

Afterward, I started my way to the shrine, or at least to where it was supposed to be. Two hours passed and there were no signs of civilization; nothing but the the pure, virginal forest. Until that moment, I was convinced the island was deserted; I didn't want to draw any conclusion hastily, though.

The shrine should have been located two kilometers from the beach, an equidistant point between the shore and the hills. It shouldn't have taken more than an hour, considering the landscape.

But there was absolutely nothing.

Later I reached a higher area from where I could finally observe the sea. It was the moment when I noticed... there was a spot in the horizon sailing away from this island. Shamefully... I came to the realization that this had been deliberately schemed! And there are not apparent means of transportation capable of returning me to the continent.

How could this happen... to me? I now understand how Leorio feels often...

According to the notification I received, I need to find the "Snowdrift Hut." If I were to obtain a map, I could easily read it depending on the position of the sun.


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