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Well, this is new...

No idea where I am, or how I got here... but, hey, the phone is pretty nice! Upside, right?

No idea what I'm supposed to do with this other stuff. Or how I'm supposed to get home from here, because I already kind of figured out that my usual travel options... don't work. Ow.

I guess I should try to find this place on this keycard...? Snowdrift Hut. Appropriate, I guess.
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Are there monkeys?
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Oh yea, very worried.
I have no doubts they'll skin me alive if they catch me.
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Well, if I can't get rid of them, they might just end up coming your way.
Friends of who?
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Right. Friends of the Easter Bunny, of course.
And I must be Dorothy, running from flying monkeys.
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That was a joke.
Nevermind. The name is Hawkeye, not Dorothy.
And no, monkeys don't fly. Unless they're mutants or aliens.
Pretty sure these aren't either. Then again, hard to tell for sure.
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My name is not Dorothy.
I don't even have the necessary equipment to be a Dorothy.
When you claim that your best friend is the Easter Bunny, with an Australian accent.. no, you don't really have any judging rights.
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And you're a smart mouth, kid.
I'd be annoyed if I wasn't the same.
Right. Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
What does that make you? The holiday chicken?
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I know right? It's really a super fancy one!
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I really can't afford anything so nice. Back home the agency gave me one but that's just for work and it's basic.
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Why wouldn't you need money? Did you live in the wilderness? Like Briar Rose?
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Briar Rose. You know, Sleeping Beauty? She lived in the forest and the animals helped her with cooking and cleaning. So she never had to buy anything.
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Haha, of course you're not, you're a guy.

Guess? Are you famous?
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In which country? I only really know Japanese celebrities.
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You don't look familiar to me...

What was your name?
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There's a picture of you on the phone. You can do video if you want.

I'll need a hint.
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Wait, you're a celebrity but you've never had your picture taken?

You like camping?
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I don't think I understand.
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Are you a fairy?!
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Really?! YOU REALLY KNOW FAIRIES?! Can you introduce me?!
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Upside what?
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Other than the communication feature it's kind of useless though.

I take that back, the flashlight app has been a lifesaver..
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Jeeze, I can't believe no one else here knows how to use one of these things.

Hit the menu button at the bottom and then there should be an icon with a lightbulb on it.
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Yup, sure thing.

I'm Asahina.
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The other girl says the village is North-Eastish if that helps at all.