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It's 1:00 AM, Where are You?

I have picked up the followin’ items for my amusement our new project:


Aluminum Foil – For Chacha’s flight hat.
Toilet Paper – Ya never know.
Gasoline & Matches  - Like there was ever a question.
Diet Coke – It sounds yummy.
A pump – In case we find a blow up raft.
Helium – In case we find some balloons.
Fireworks – ‘Cause Red likes the sparkles and it will be more epic.
1 Scuba Tank – Red’s pretty small.
Duct tape –  Lots and lots of duct tape.
Chicken wire – Because it sounds like fun.
Hot glue – For fun and fond memories.
Rope – Will probably need it.
Golden Thread & needles – To see if Red will revert back ta newborn mentality.
Cardboard boxes & Paint – To distract Red.
Scissors – I’m plannin’ on runnin' with them.
An Axe – ‘Cause those are fun.
Saw – Where there’s an axe there should be a saw.
1 bolt of canvas – I’m sure we can use it somewhere.
A staple gun – Yes please.

And no Red, I ain’t callin’ our group “Team Sparkliez”.  

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But...but....i tuk a lot of time thinking abut it! itz such a pritty name!

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Umm... Team ....


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YEAH! We arr the Team named TEAM!

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Come on, Gin. "Team Sparkliez" has such a nice ring to it. If we weren't already called "Team Awesome", I might think about taking it myself.

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How would he make it to "Captain"?

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You see, that is all well and good, but do you have a hat?
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Can I wach toooo Papa-Gin-san?

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I'm not going anywhere near you.... ever...
Especially with some of those items...

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I wouldn't steal any of your ideas anyway!!
I can think perfectly fine on my own!!!

....? The rope...
I don't want to know what other places you might try to string me up from.

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YOU'RE the one who picked the place clean! Miss Hana and I awoke at decent hours and had so little left to work with. I hope you plan on sharing some of the limited supply items like the saw!

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Well that is reasonable of you. I shall inform you when a saw is necessary.

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I wanna play with the saw Papa Gin-san!

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. . . . .

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Yu arr so awwsum Papa-Gin-san!

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What a well thought out list, Gin-san! You must have a very good plan worked out!

Zidane-san! We must work very hard on our jet-pack so that we can perform well against Gin-san's team!

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YOU conniving thief! How dare you took Master Hikaru's and Master Kaoru's items away from their personal assistant!

Give these particular items back!

Toilet paper
Duct Tape
Chicken wire
Hot glue
Cardboard boxes
Golden thread


And Scissors!

Please! D:

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How cruel... ;_;