([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] livingisland2009-01-12 01:20 am

It's 1:00 AM, Where are You?

I have picked up the followin’ items for my amusement our new project:


Aluminum Foil – For Chacha’s flight hat.
Toilet Paper – Ya never know.
Gasoline & Matches  - Like there was ever a question.
Diet Coke – It sounds yummy.
A pump – In case we find a blow up raft.
Helium – In case we find some balloons.
Fireworks – ‘Cause Red likes the sparkles and it will be more epic.
1 Scuba Tank – Red’s pretty small.
Duct tape –  Lots and lots of duct tape.
Chicken wire – Because it sounds like fun.
Hot glue – For fun and fond memories.
Rope – Will probably need it.
Golden Thread & needles – To see if Red will revert back ta newborn mentality.
Cardboard boxes & Paint – To distract Red.
Scissors – I’m plannin’ on runnin' with them.
An Axe – ‘Cause those are fun.
Saw – Where there’s an axe there should be a saw.
1 bolt of canvas – I’m sure we can use it somewhere.
A staple gun – Yes please.

And no Red, I ain’t callin’ our group “Team Sparkliez”.  

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