Jan. 12th, 2009

I have picked up the followin’ items for my amusement our new project:


Aluminum Foil – For Chacha’s flight hat.
Toilet Paper – Ya never know.
Gasoline & Matches  - Like there was ever a question.
Diet Coke – It sounds yummy.
A pump – In case we find a blow up raft.
Helium – In case we find some balloons.
Fireworks – ‘Cause Red likes the sparkles and it will be more epic.
1 Scuba Tank – Red’s pretty small.
Duct tape –  Lots and lots of duct tape.
Chicken wire – Because it sounds like fun.
Hot glue – For fun and fond memories.
Rope – Will probably need it.
Golden Thread & needles – To see if Red will revert back ta newborn mentality.
Cardboard boxes & Paint – To distract Red.
Scissors – I’m plannin’ on runnin' with them.
An Axe – ‘Cause those are fun.
Saw – Where there’s an axe there should be a saw.
1 bolt of canvas – I’m sure we can use it somewhere.
A staple gun – Yes please.

And no Red, I ain’t callin’ our group “Team Sparkliez”.  

This is a rather sordid affair if I must admit to my current situation. Oh, but why am I being so stuffy? I have no idea where I am. I haven't seen head or tail or claw or horn or---or appendage of my companions. I'm not even quite sure of what this device is, but by pushing buttons I've somehow figured out how to write in a journal that I can fix without writing over in ink. It's peculiar. Still, strange journal box or no, I must find my allies once again and continue onward with them. Disaster could befall them at any moment without my blades and arrows there to defend them!

I'm also hungry and cold, but why am I writing that here? Oh woe! Will the warrior who fights for justice end up defeated simply by being lost? Hopefully not---

I hope the locals don't eat me. That would be terrible! Not as terrible as being vaporized, but still...
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