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Oh my god!! THE BIRD TALKS!!
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What? A talking bird? Where?
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Huh? Eh? In your backpack? How'd it get in your backpack?
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Yes! I totally do! I'm not really sure and neither is my map...
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Um.. a randomly placed concrete slab and a stream?
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Okay, northeast it is.
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I think we did something wrong because I'm standing on a cliff... [shows it on video]
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Man, this map app is useless. I'll try a little northwest and see where it gets me.
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You have a TALKING BIRD?!!!!!!

Can I see it? Does it have a name?! Are you going to keep him because you know I am really good at looking after animals, I can show you my 'Care For Pets' Badge or 'Friend to Wildlife' Badge if you're not sure. But it's one of our laws that A Wilderness Explorer is Honest At All Times.
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I'm pretty certain birds aren't suppose to talk, kid.
They also don't have ears "waggly" ears.
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Okay, you got me there, kid. Parrots do talk.
But, I'm telling you, they don't have waggly ears.
I'm positive on that one.
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Then it might not be something you want to carry around.
If I've learned anything, you don't play with alien creatures.
Something bad usually happens.
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The cute ones are always the most vicious.
Trust me, I've learned that lesson the hard way.
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If you want to call a five-eyed, two tongued, grin and blue mutant creature a puppy. Sure, it tried to bite me.
Don't trust mutant alien things. It's just a rule to live by.
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Eh, it was kind of cute.
In a terrifying, eat your brains kind of way.
But, it's still generally a good idea to stay away from it.
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well, sometimes you just gotta find some good in the bad, otherwise everything is just.... Bad. Or something like that.
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Uh.. nothin'.
You in trouble over there, kid?
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Well, that's no good, wouldn't want you hating me.
Even if that's generally a worthwhile motto to go with.
Especially for people stuck in a creepy forest.
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Will do. Soon as I ditch these monkeys.
Wouldn't want to bring them your way.
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You probably didn't shoot them in the head with rocks, so.