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I'm not in a team with Stephen Colbert-kun anymore, but I think that's okay! Don't worry - I will win in your honor! Your memory will remain alive!

As for the new members of my team - Hi!! I'll be your class group president, since I have experience on that. I hope we will all have fun!

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I'm not dead!

And our group will win, Missy, so watch yourself!

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Well of course, it would be honoring me.

Yes they we will. YES WE CAN.

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What song?

Could you get him out of the water while you're at it?

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Oh I like that one! But you've got it all wrong. "Oh say can you see!!"

Give him a hearty yell so he knows. I leave it to you!

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Haven't you realised that we're not in school?

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If we go rank-wise... I out-rank you, Chuckles.

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I s'pose you could consider me one.

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You were a class president?! You must be very popular!

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Ahhh High School... I'm so jealous.

Making friends and having festivals ... and I was stuck working two jobs trying to support a no good laze about piece of crap...

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I CAAAAAAAN'T I'm suck on a stupid Island!!

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... We'll pretend to be in school?

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And I can make friends and go on class trips?

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Do you think I'll have lots of friends?