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Missing: Small Magical Girl

Has anyone seen my partner since the rocket launch? She’s about knee high, blond, wearin’ a red hood… Ain’t seen her since after that most amazin’ launch when that big cross breeze sent somethin' back toward the island. May not have been her though, hard ta tell through all the sparkles and smoke. Hmm, think maybe we went a little overboard with the fireworks. Ah well, que sera sera.

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How will you compensate me?!

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Well. That's hardly compensation. I'd expect you to do that normally. Doubloons please.

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I NEED MY LAWYER. You're going on notice!

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Why would I want your rock?

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I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

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Well there are pleanty of rocks around, I could be a rock millionaire. So I don't need yours.

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It's the rock of losers.

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I'm not talking to you. You're on notice.

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Can you believe him?

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Are you sure you're blind? O.o You can see what you're typing and read Gin's posts.... Unless someone is doing that for you-ACK F8EWFHNndeujf8SQUIRRELS783hrfhchsf!!!!

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Not blind blind. BUT IT WAS A CLOSE THING!

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Your rocket was AMAZING Gin-san! I could see it even through the wind and clouds and all of the feathers! I think it headed off toward the North Cliffs!