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Papa Gin-san mayd me a hat out of aloominium! Itz soooo awwsum! He sez that I get to fly the rockkit lawnchair as the pie-lot! Iznt that grate? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!~!! =D

Oh! Mr Sparklies Teeth-san sharrd sum of his cake with me! It was so yummy! 

And Bale-san sed I culd play with his fluffy hair! Papa Gin-san letz me do it two. But I think I fluffd it too much last night becuz hez now got an affro! AHAHAHAHHA! Papa Gin-san looks silly! =D

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That seems a little dangerous to ask a child to do. Even a demonic child like yourself. Why isn't Mr. Gin doing the flying?

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A heathen liberal nevermind it doesn't matter.

This Gin doesn't seems like a bad guy.

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Nice of you ta say so, Screamy McScreamakins.

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My keyboard has rebelled against me. It was supposed to type that you seem suspicious. Have you done something to it?

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Why would I seem suspicious?

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Because you're shooting a little girl up on a jetpack. You'd think this would be logical.

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I don't think it's suspicious at all. Ain't it logical ta send up the lighter one? 'Sides she loves the idea.

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Of course she does it's all very exciting but also should be done by adults.

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Who's bein' shot up in yer group?

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I will be reporting from the air. Like superman~!

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I look forward ta watchin' that while I'm safely on ground.

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I will be making history in the air.
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Well, you have fun with that.

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It was the cake, huh?

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So it would appear. Didn't ya get ta see me last time I turned green?

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Oh an' next time, try not ta twist so hard, I don't wanna have to use the scissors ta get yer fingers untangled. I ain't quite sure how ya managed that when my hair ain't that long.

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Ahh partner, the wind is picking up, I'm bringing in our tin sheeting.

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Good idea, partner! I will supervise!

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Supervision should be MY job!

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But I'm the Class President, so I have experience doing that.

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I'm the host of a TV show so I have more experience than you. I have INTERNS.

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Well, I have the whole student body beneath me!

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Yes well you're all children aren't you? I'm talking real jobs here with adults. Responsibilities. I get paid a great deal to supervise and delegate. I delegate the iron sheet pickup to you. My young able bodied intern!

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Ah! You can't do it? Sorry, Stephen-san! I didn't know it was too heavy for you. I'll take care of it!

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Hahah too heavy you're a funny girl. Too heavy hahaha.

My body is clearly made for television not manual labor!

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There is no shame in admitting you are old, Stephen-san! Let me take care of it, I will help you!

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I'm not old! How rude, I'm just not built for heavy lifting.

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Perhaps you just need to build up some muscle, then. We can do it together! That way you will get stronger and we will get protecting from the weather!

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That involves perspiration and I'd really rather not if it's all the same. Prespire that is. We'll leave the strength work to you, you seem to enjoy it.

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I don't mind it if it's helping you. You can get the food, then!

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How long do you think it'll take you to bring five sheets in?

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Well, I usually just have Yanki-kun do it for me. It should be like fifteen minutes or so!

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Well we'll just get the sheeting in and go to the galley together.

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Alright! You can buy me food!

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Sounds like a great plan to me.