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Oh dear.

Today I was exploring... but I fell. Off a cliff. I could have sworn I heard someone telling me in my dreams that I had to charge blindly across the land in order to get anywhere and---Well at the time it seemed quite reasonable...

At any rate, long story short...

I was saved.

By ponies.

Who live in the water.

...and sing.

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You mean they haven't died out yet?
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I keep forgetting that you people wouldn't know about the Battle of Ishiljaokkmdu.

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It must be. Or I wouldn't remember it.

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I think that pretending I know what Kaoru is talking about is more productive than asking you if you know.

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That makes no sense at all. How are you productive?

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Exactly. By talking to you, I'm decreasing that.

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Nonsense, my words are priceless.

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What makes your words worth less than someone else's?

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Haha is it time for another Word segment already? My dear boy, my words are worth such an obscene amount of money they have surpassed everyone else's worth. (Except perhaps Papa Bear) They cannot be bought.

Mmm... have you tried the Google Gulp ™? It's absolutely... delicious. Heh tastes like hormones.

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I remember My Little Pony.

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No? Excellent guess then.

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Wouldn't ponies drown in water?

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No I didn't see any ponies. The gentleman with the ears did.

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I luv to rite! I get lotz of praktiss with this majik skqware! Papa Gin-san sed Im verii good at riting! =D

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I blame the education system. Vouchers would solve everything.

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Really?! That is fascinating!

My name is Rock Lee, a brave ninja of Konoha! I am pleased to make your acquaintance!

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Your a warrior?! COOOL! Can you fait draguns and stuff? =D

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Don feel bad B'ale-san. Yoo are a nice persun and Im shur that bad dragun dezerved it! =D

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WOW! Singing birdies and now ponies!! :D
That's wonderful! <3 -^^-

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Sometimes I'm tickled inside that I don't have to prod you to do stupid things. You do them of your own volition. Did the twin ghosties have anything to do with your cliff-repelling experience?

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Infamy without having to work for it? Sign me up! I don't mind adding it to my roster of titles.

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You are a dead elf when we meet again.

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Oh, it's on blondie! I hope you come prepared with your starched pointy eyebrows.
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Nice to know they're still around. The song is catchy, ain't it!