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Master Hikaru! Master Kaoru!

Master Hikaru and Master Kaoru! Your personal assisstant Botan-chan is very very very very very very sorry!!!! TToTT

That tall Mister Grinner took the most of the items that you requested for me to retrieve to you!  D:

At this moment I messaged him to return the items that he took away to you. (I hope it works TT_TT)

But! The good news is... I still got your other items that you requested from me! :D

I've got...

Hair spray
Inductrial fan
Blow torch



oh... that's it...   ;_;  I forgot that Mister Grinner also took the Bolt of fabric as well...

I'm terribly sorry Master Hikaru and Master Kaoru! T_T

Please forgive me!!! TT^TT

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Blowtorch! Blowtorch!

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I'll be needing the hairspray too. As soon as possible.

Your makeover is so cute!

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My hair is kind of struggling at the moment.

We worked hard so I'm glad that work is appreciated.

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Oh and--

Just kidding. I'm done commenting.

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They restocked the things without numbers. My partner and I are quite happy with our supplies!
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It's Captain Ichimaru to you.

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Oh and the makeover thing, yeah, I'd get yer money back on that one.

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Yeah, it's more of a sayin', and what I'm sayin' is ya shouldn't owe them anything for... that.

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Some people just don't appreciate beauty.

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I think she's beautiful, Kaoru.

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Whatever floats yer boat, I guess.

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Do you EVER open your eyes?

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Do you wanna see them open?

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Why did ya think ya had to change in the first place?

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Everyone has such exciting and well-crafted plans! Team Gai must work even harder in order to claim victory!

Have you seen Zidane-san, Botan-san? I think I am going to need some help with the seagulls. They are putting up more of a fight than I had anticipated!

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I read your name up top in your entry, Botan-san. I am sorry for not introducing myself properly. However, it seems we both know each other now! I am honored to know you, Botan-san!

I am in your book? That is very interesting! What does it say about me? Does it mention Gai-Sensei?!