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Hey, blue-haired lady, what's taking you so long? We've been waiting for hours for you to get here.

Don't tell me you were eaten by the alligators. It took us too long to get this stuff; you're not allowed to be in the infirmary.

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I'm sorry Hikaru and Kaoru!

I trying to find the bole coloured stick!! T_______T

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Monkeys? O.o

Ermm... Ok-Ahselfjweshjfslkdfnslksngslijvsl..........................

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Nw u tll m... TT^TT

I managd 2 gt thm. Can u rad hat I'm saying? TT_TT

I nt, I'm Srry, d mnkys stl sm kys frm th laptp


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Huh? What wuld that d? 0_0

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You two make it to the village yet? Or ya'll still stuck on boulders or in trees?

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Can't a guy be curious?

Where about in the village?

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Issat so.

If yer in a cave near the river, then I s'pose ya won't make it back in time fer lunch time at the galley.

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Naw, I think I'll just stay here and enjoy my hot tea.

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Huh? Did you two misbehave?