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Colber Report: Trash Talk Express

I think it's time for a little trash talk. OK, let me hit you with something.

Team Awesome? More like team POSSUM. Which is what you're going to be playing when you see how badly you'll lose to us. I guess that's what you get when you have a psycho ward escapee and a homeless guy paired up. SOME people might say awww when they see how badly you lose but it's only out of pity. Hey Team Awesome! What's that noise? Oh that's the sound of your failure because you're going to lose.


Team Gai? What happened, you couldn't even pick a name so you decided generic was the way to go? Oh no no no, I get it, you were worried your attempts would come across so girly people would confuse you for debutantes. Well news flash, you spelled GUY wrong. What's that? You didn't graduate high school? Well that's no wonder you get an F for effort along with the F for spelling.

And finally

Hey Team Sparkliez, have you been taking spelling lessons from Team Gai? What's that? The one 'adult' on the team is to scared to fly himself so he's sending his half pint partner to her death? That's a recipe for fail right there. Good choice of name because by the end of our flight all you're going to be seeing are the sparkles dancing in your eyes from your awe at our team's amazing jetpack. That's right, we're gonna leave your sequined butts in the dust.


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