exorcisms_2000yen: (ah crap)
Asahina Mutsuki ([personal profile] exorcisms_2000yen) wrote in [community profile] livingisland2013-02-12 05:07 pm

Accidental Audio Post

--nk you’re wrong! There is clearly no Starbucks here!

I found 7 restaurants matching “Starbucks”, two are fairly close.

So you say… this one is supposed to be right here but all I see is a giant cliff.

Step forward.

… are you trying to kill me, Siri?

No comment.

That’s reassuring. How about I dump your sorry ass.

What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps, metal foundries, dumps, mines, reservoirs.

There’s a cliff right here, remember?

You need me, Ginger.


[there's the sound of a shutter and her reaction photo is sent to everyone]

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