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An Announcement

Other team! I have located your flag and I will be capturing it any moment now! It is much too late for you to stop me! My team will be victorious and honored for our skills!

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You're positive.. it's a flag, right?
I hate to say it kind of looks like my bandanna I lost....

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Have fun with that!
I want nothing to do with it.

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Can we pretend like I share the victory... and leave me out of the festivities?
I'm still trying to find Mugetsu from when he went to get Kyoko-chan's head back. >/

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Weren't you one of the punks that stole it a while ago?!

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Of course I meant the costume.
She'd be dead without her real head -_-;
Eh? I don't know... I think I saw that she had it back...
But I wasn't talking about finding the head in the first place! >/
I was talking about finding Mugetsu.

Maybe you shouldn't make her angry then.