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I don't understand!! How could this happen again?! WHERE IS THAT BEAGLE JERK?! I know you're out there somewhere laughing at me!! When I find you I'm going to drag you back here and this place will make you SUFFER!

TWO TIMES!! TWO TIMES you've sent me here! I had to kick for an hour and a half to get out of the darn box!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!


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Lieutenant Chicken!

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I mean, Kyoko!

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Well, the important thing is we get ta hang out some more. Hey, hey, guess who else is here!

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Red, the Spaz, Kaoru and he brought his twin this time and Saucers fer Eyes. We got some new people too.

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Ya at least know Red and Spaz, yeah? Saucers fer Eyes is the one Rock Lee in the green jumpsuit who couldn't write a poem if his life depended on it.

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Yup and yup. Spaz = Whiney Agitated Temperamental Adolescent who Never Unwinds and Keeps on Irritating.

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Chicken Lady!
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Did you get shipped here in a crate, or something?

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Ah~? I didn't know you were practically blind in that thing.

Well, look at the bright side. At least you haven't been mistaken for dinner by the wildlife yet.

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Why didn't you run away from them, before they bit you?

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Y-you poor thing, facing those big, bad swans all by yourself.

Do you really waddle?

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Kyoko-san! I have not seen you in a very long time! I see you are still wearing your chicken suit, too!

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Oh, I see! So it is a kind of adorable yellow armor! I can see how that would be most helpful!