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Mission Jet-Pack!

Zidane-san! Have you found any rope yet? I could use your assistance with the seagulls. I believe the pelicans may be trained in taijutsu! Also, bring the chair from our cabin, please!

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Yeah! I got some from that Trading Post place - hope it's enough... I grabbed some twine, too, just in case. Where're you at, Lee? I'll grab the chair and head that way...
... wait, the pelicans are trained in WHAT?!

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Taijutsu! :D

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.... stakes? Er, where am I gonna be able to find those...? I'm gonna hafta make another trip...

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Er... right, gotcha. I'll go take another look...
... a cage...? Know how to make one?

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You sound like you're working hard intern!

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Your cake was soooo yummy Mr. Sparklies Teeth-san!!! =D

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I think I got a bone ta pick with ya, Saucer fer Eyes.

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Yer cake had an interestin' side effect, yer gonna tell me whatcha used.