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Colbert Report January 13, 2008

Miss Hana and I have gathered all the useful available project material and the rest of you will just have to suffer with inferior materials. Good luck with that.

In politics today, there appears to be a squabble over captainship of Team Think's Alot of Themselves. Does it really matter? You're all going down with your ship.

On the home front, there is a newcomer with very pointy ears and no knowledge of computers. I'd say we teach him all we know except he seems mildly pleasant and there are so few of those types here.

Be on the lookout for Watanuki. It's not good to piss off God. Next time the hole might smoke and have a stone testament. God doesn't like your type.

Deicer and Bleach, useful. But what do we do with the new hole in the floor?

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I didn't read your post but don't think I don't see that tag.

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Are you saying that twins are the same as clones?

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Excuse me. My COUSIN is an identical twin and she wouldn't take kindly to that comment.

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You missed that one entirely, didn't you?

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You can't use discretion or sarcasm on these kinds of people, Hikaru.
(deleted comment)

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A clone is something that has the same DNA and looks as the organism it was taken from.

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And here I thought the stork brought me!

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Nice rainbow fro.

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The other teams don't have a chance, Stephen-san!!

We could store meat in the hole!

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But wouldn't milk get dirty?

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I don't like milk anyway.

Let's tore meat in boxes!!

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You tear into it with your fingers! Although I much rather use chopsticks.

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What are you talking about?? Meat is good for you!

Well, how would YOU eat it?