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This is a rather sordid affair if I must admit to my current situation. Oh, but why am I being so stuffy? I have no idea where I am. I haven't seen head or tail or claw or horn or---or appendage of my companions. I'm not even quite sure of what this device is, but by pushing buttons I've somehow figured out how to write in a journal that I can fix without writing over in ink. It's peculiar. Still, strange journal box or no, I must find my allies once again and continue onward with them. Disaster could befall them at any moment without my blades and arrows there to defend them!

I'm also hungry and cold, but why am I writing that here? Oh woe! Will the warrior who fights for justice end up defeated simply by being lost? Hopefully not---

I hope the locals don't eat me. That would be terrible! Not as terrible as being vaporized, but still...

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You look like you'd go well with a mushroom-wine sauce.

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Oh geeze... don't listen to those two idiots.
They're just being mean to you.
And they aren't ghosts, even though I wish they were sometimes.
Ignore everything they say, it's all lies.

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You always were the trouble-maker.

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No, they aren't ghosts.
Just really annoying.
You're telling me...
Did you end up lost in the forest like everyone else who gets here too?

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Hi ther Mr. Pointy Ear Blond Man-san! Have you com to play with us? =D

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Entur the box?

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AHAHAHAHAHHA!! U cant entur the magik skware. You uze it for cum-mune-ni-kate-ting with us!

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You've found the internets! Congratulations!

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No the box is the computer. It connects you to the series of tubes that we send information down! Be careful not to send too much down it, sometimes it gets clogged.

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My you have long brows.

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Not just his family...more like his entire race.

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I see. Say, pointy brows, do ya still believe those doppelgangers are ghosts or not at this point?

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I would be more on the look out for tourists rather than locals here if I were you.

On second thoughts, the locals are man-eating deer. Not as good with conversation as cannibals, but a quicker death. I give them that.

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Oh, arrows! Only makes 'em angry. They can catch those through their teeth. Your only hope against the deer, mate is a specially enchanted medallion ring rock.. I happen to have one such rock in my possession spare, and might see my way to parting with it for goods or services. Preferably goods.