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Stephen Colbert-san!

Stephen Colbert-san! I have finished the Christmas cake! Did you want some?

It is very delicious! And a lot of the frosting is green!

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Ah... wasn't... Christmas... weeks ago....?

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It took you that long to make one...?
You.. could have asked for help if you needed it, you know.

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... You need some work on presentation young man. But it looks rather delicious so I will be by shortly.

What are the discs?

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Attaboy! I will do so! I wonder if there is milk.

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I see you included the Jews and whatever group it is that likes gummy worms.

Didn't know you were here, Saucers fer Eyes. Assumin' you've been in the kitchen and I've been in the galley all day, you'd think we'd have run into each other by now.

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Did you at least bathe every now and then?

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So, uh, I guess we're partners for that game-thing or something...? Hi.

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Nice to meet you, Rock! I'm Zidane Tribal. A ninja, huh...? I think I played one of those once... Ah, I'm an actor.

... not really sure, actually... something about jet packs?

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I'm... not sure if you can call that thing a cake any more. Are you sure it's even edible?

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Are thoz randum cookieez you put in the cake!?! =D

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YUM! May I have sum, Mr. Sparklies Teeth?

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No that's fine, really. I don't eat 'cake' like that from anyone.

But why is it green?