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I found this note in the middle of the beach - it was written in red ink! It said I should get a partner for something.

Now, don't be shy - I know you want to spend time with the Class President Hikaru-kun, but there's no need to write an anonymous letter about it!

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I think that's the Island's way of telling you to cabin up with someone..
Please don't let that mean those terrible games might be starting again..

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I don't think the Island is ever upfront about things....

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Didja check to see if the red ink was actually blood?

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The island uses sparkly gel pens? Didn't have it pegged fer that one.

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I'm not Hikaru-kun. I'm his brother, Kaoru.

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Yeah, imagine being blessed with such good looks and then finding out that someone else has them as well!

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You seem like an honest young lady. If the young man does not wish to partner with you, I will gladly do so.

So long as I'm not stuck with the homeless man again.

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I'm Stephen Colbert. You may have seen my show on Comedy Central. How wonderful! I'm in the infirmary for another day but let me know which cabin you picked, I'll take anything that isn't Snowdrift Hut.

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I sowwie Mr. Glasses Finger Man. I didnt mean to make you cry when you wur in the pit. I reely tryd to help. Onest!

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I'm sorry Hana-chan!! I'm running late to meet you at the beach! I'm lost, but Hikaru and Kaoru are helping me to find the beach that you're at! TT____TT

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I'm so t0uched... I'm s0rry s0rry f0r c0ming lat... T_T

I Will c0m! Just aftr I finish d dal with d twins. Caus thy pr0misd t0 hlp m find y0u at d bach.

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Wow! You found a magikal letr? Yay! Maybe its Island-san! Island-san is very good at giving us all fun prezents.

Oh oh! Hez also good at cumming up with new gamez to play! =D

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I no! Island-san is very awwsum!