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This... is a Threat Down!

Threat Number 5: Other stranded visitors! I notice most of you showed no interest at all in helping me out of that hole. I could have starved to death! I'm a very important person you know!

Threat number 4: Touchy feely boys. There are things young men shouldn't do. If you want to be like that, visit Massachusetts! We gave that state to you to keep you away from us!

Threat number 3: Holes. Large empty spaces in the floor of the earth! Ridiculous! They're after us all. Keep your eyes open you never know when one will jump up and catch you! Then hold you prisoner for days on end!

Threat number 2: The ground. I'm not sure how but the ground appears to have connected fully with my face at some point. To such a degree that I am not entirely sure how I got here, nor who the perky girl with blue hair is looming menacingly nearby.

Threat number 1: Perky blue-haired strangers. They look innocent enough but I guarantee I have a foot shaped indentation in my right temple! I've never met her before! That is ASSAULT. VIOLENCE TO FACES! Give me the name of your lawyer young lady!

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Don't you have anything interesting to say, Miss?

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For some reason, this nearly-deserted island in the middle of nowhere doesn't have video-games. I can't imagine why.

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I was trying to save you from an infectious disease that you have no recollection of!

It was the only way to save you... T_T

Oh.. And umm... I don't have a lawyer... ^^;;;

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Yes really! I'm telling you the truth! T_T

I'm really sorry that I had to kick you. If you like I can heal you or take you to somewhere safe.

I'm really sorry ;_;

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Oh, hey there Lala! So... I guess you're cured, then? That blue-haired girl was going on about contagious diseases - I was really worried about'cha! Everything okay?

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Hey, you're the one who introduced yourself as that - or, er, something close to that, I might've shortened it a little. I guess you don't remember... must be something to do with that disease or something...

Ah well, we can start over then, Lala! My name's Zidane, though I told you that already. Nice to re-meet you!

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You may want to give that Massachusetts a visit (, savvy?

Again, pleasure to see you back here.

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Wow, I think you scream more than I do....

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Threat number four....

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The ground, huh? Gotta watch out fer it, 'cause it's always out ta getcha!

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Didn't realize there was a party. Next time, do be sure ta invite me, I'd like ta watch.