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I guess if you're gonna get lost at sea, there're worst places to end up. I mean, it's relatively dry - there's shade and trees, which hopefully means food - and I'm pretty sure I saw some smoke coming from inland a bit earlier. Though, I have no idea where this place is, as I don't remember any Islands in the general vicinity of where we were traveling last night. Of course
 knowing Stiener
Damn! Could be anywhere.
I guess the first order of business would be breakfast, and then a little exploring to make sure this isn't actually a populated area before I try and make a signal fire ? I know Vivi'll be worried about me, even if no one else will.

 alright, so, they'll probably all be worried, they're not as cold hearted as that. Hope Garnet isn't too upset with me for being a showoff again


Where are my knives?! ALL my stuff is gone! And
 how the hell did I fall out of that tree?! If I hadn't caught myself with my tail I'd probably have a broken leg or something! What the hell?! I haven't fallen out of something as stationary as a TREE since I was SIX!
I can't do any magic, either! Not that I was that great at it, Vivi's way better even if he doesn't think so, but still!

 okay Zidane
 calm down
 it was probably just a fluke! Yeah, that's it. No way I really fell out of the tree. Must've just slipped on something; getting a bit too cocky without everyone here to deflate your ego properly
 that's gotta be it

What in Gaia is going ON?!

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Hey, guy... if you come by a screaming guy in a hole....

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You're on an island of EVIL!!

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Of course I have one. Just like I also turn into a chicken at will.

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Of course I have one. Just like I also turn into a chicken at will.

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Looks like things are gettin' more interestin' around here.

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The more the merrier, right?

Why thank you. You have a giant head.

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Welcome to the island Cutie Pie!

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You have a tail?

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Yes! How did you get one, Monkey-kun?

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You cant do magik anymore? Awww thats so sad. =(

Chacha make a sad face for you to let you no the sadnessss she feels. =( =( =(

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Hi Zeemane! So nice to meetchu! =D

Maybee Island-san has yur magik. Sumtimz he likes to take things away frum peeple az part of a game. Lotz of peeople seem to have lost there magik. But I have my magik! =D Hmm...I wunder why Island-san haznt taken mine.

Oh well! I can do magik for you if you ever need it! =D =D