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Colbert Report, January 3 2009


Clearly I have done something to anger You, I will do a hundred Hail Marys!

Maybe I'm dreaming a horrible nightmare of being kidnapped again! That mus be it, surely my interns would not allow it to happen a second time. They missed me so much the last time I could see the joy in their little intern faces when I was returned. Well.. that might actually have been hangovers. From all the partying the clearly did the night they heard I'd returned. Though I'm not entirely sure how they found out I had returned. Are my interns psychic?

My subconscious remembers those awful months I spent in Island hell with Homeless Satan despite my efforts to erase the experience from my mind.

I don't suppose anyone else is still here. If I'm going to have this terrible dream I should probably try to find the little village and get away from the demonic deer.

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And who might you be? Screamy McScreamakins? I can hear ya loud an' clear from where I am.

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A spider, huh? Ain't that an interestin' thing ta know. Is it a screamin' spider?

I know plenty of things more hurtful than feignin' ignorance.

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Hey.... does that mean... if there's another person that screams a lot... you'll pick on them more?

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I pick on everyone evenly, naw, I'm lyin', you'll always be my favorite spaz, Spaz.

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If you come near me I'm going to have Mugetsu eat you this time!!!

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Can his jaw unhinge to fifty or so times his size?

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Really?! I have powerfullll words too! I shuld show you! =D

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And pleasure to see you again too.

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Ah, so your eyesight is working as well as your mouth. Though you don't need any aide for the latter of those I can see.

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WOW! Wut a cool costoom!!!

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Whered you get it!?! Can I be a pyrat too?