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M-my jacket. What do the monkeys want with a jacket?

And my tie, as well! What next, my shoes?!

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I suppose it's really my fault for not watching my clothes while they dried, but--


[Session expired. Entry posted automatically.]

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Naked boy, are you here too? I don't suppose you'd do an incredibly attractive and wildly popular tv show host a favor and extract him from a ditch which might have attacked him during his innocent walk back to shelter?

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Are you the type that makes fun of/and or hangs people from trees unconscious?

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... not that I'm aware of. Do you know people like this?

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Oh? Well, maybe I'll help you.
Do you know where you are on the Island?
Are there deer around?

.....Yes, yes I know people like that... -_-;

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Let's have a little more enthusiasm my squinty eyed twitchy little friend! You're going to meet a celebrity! Some people would sit in the hot sun for hours for that.

I appear to be ... hmm I can see trees outside the hole.

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I've been stuck on this island long enough, with too many people that lie, to believe anything you have to say.
Besides, your fame hardly means anything when you're trapped on a damn island.

=_= That's.... very helpful....

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Well! There's really no need for that kind of attitude! Anyway, I don't see how you could have been stuck here for very long when I was here a month ago myself. A month here may FEEL like years of horror and torture and very dry skin, but is actually only a month still.

I think I hear running water.

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.... It's been far more than a month...
My birthday is coming up...again... which means it's been almost a year...
I think.... well, that's what the computer says..

Running water? The river...?
I hope you aren't on the other side of it... cause if you are... I'm sorry, but I'll have to leave you there...
I don't want to cross that again... my computer might not survive this time.

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Maybe this is a different satanic island...

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Or maybe your idea of time sucks.

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That is no way to talk to your elders.

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You want help out of that ditch or not?

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Yes but I fail to see how abuse is help.

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Back for more, huh?

Don't s'pose ya got some doubloons ta buy somethin' new just yet.

Ya could always strap a few giant leaves to yerself. Just watch out for the itchin' kind.

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I bet they all missed ya.

So yer left with a shirt and some pants then? That ain't bad at all.

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Well, there ya go, even better.

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Well look here, if it ain't Lil' Red.

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Happy happy Papa Gin-San! I misst you! Is Mama Ken-san here too?

Have u been taking good care of your sord?

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Naw, I can't say I've seen Himura around here yet.

Uh... sure.

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The munkeez steel lots of stuff when you dont look. If you go to the shop you can get more gold thred to sew new underware with! =D